Are you ready for the fight of your life


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Mar 18, 2012
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Florida Fisherman
Are you ready for the fight of your life
Catch this short, action packed, video:

The adventure begins!

Looks like we are already under attack:

John's Pass was named after the pirate John Levique; the first to sail through John's Pass.
But even John was no match for:

The great battle ends in ...

Ever wonder why an AJ pulled in from the deep must be 'vented' before released to fight again?
Fish, such as Amberjack, have what is known as a swim bladder; an internal 'balloon' that helps in the control of buoyancy. Barotrauma causes the gases to expand. Venting releases the gases allowing the fish to swim back home; back home to 'fight again!'
Want even more of a battle? Are you man/woman enough to challenge a creature that swam in our waters millions of years before mankind ever stepped foot on this earth?
Humans evolved around 200,000 years ago.
In comparison sharks have been around for at least 420 million years. As such, per SharkWater, they have survived four mass extinctions making them older than humanity, older than Mount Everest, older than dinosaurs, and even older than trees.
Let the battle begin:

Finally, after a long hard fought fight...

A battle to be remembered until the end of time:

Partner on this earth...
You have earned your freedom:

Barotrauma causes the gases in a fishes swim bladder to expand resulting in the need for venting.
Many sharks have huge, sharp, teeth:

They did not survive over 420 million years by not taking full advantage of these razor-sharp teeth. As such, venting a shark could be a 'little' on the dangerous side.
Fortunately sharks have no swim bladder; NO venting required! The primary aspect that gives sharks buoyancy is a large liver filled with low-density oil which helps provide lift.
We have won some; lost some. But one thing is absolutely sure...
If this is not Heaven on earth a slow cooked roast with all the trimmings is as close as it gets...

Fantastic anywhere, but when you are 100 miles deep into the very heart of the Gulf of Mexico, it's even better,
much better!

Late Monday evening:

Per John Martin we have...

After a hot shower, followed by a fantastic meal and a good nights sleep, we are welcomed by the splendor that is Madeira Beach, Florida:

Fish, fish, and more fish!

All Amberjacks and sharks were released to fight again. Some of the best of the best will be the number one guest for dinner:

The federally permitted head/charter boats American Red Snapper season ends August 19. Wishing one an all the very best, and, for the rec sector, a fantastic fall season.
Gag fishing remains strong, and will be even stronger as the temperature cools. The best part... We can catch & keep Gag Grouper for the remainder of the year.
This is our Florida. There is always fish, plenty of fish, to be caught.
Never to be left out...
The plentiful, fun to catch, great to eat, Mangrove Snapper:

And the best part... Absolutely NO closed season.
The dedicated, hard working, scientist of the FWC are always welcome.
They collect real data!

Real data making sure our fishery remains strong & healthy for us, our children, and our children's children.
Drugs... NO WAY!

And, until next time, we say Good-By to the lovely ladies of Hubbard's Marina:

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