April Fools Day Local Report


Fear No Fish
Apr 22, 2013
Huntington Beach
2008 Trophy 1802 "Mako My Day"
I thought long and hard about if I should even post this report, but I figured it was my duty as a Bloody Decks member to post the bad as well as the good. At least it may provide some comedy relief for some bored readers.

This is not a joke. I wish it were, believe me. My son Sean, friend Devan and I fished locally on Monday, 4/1/2019. We launched out of Huntington Harbor around 7:15 AM and picked up a half scoop of cured sardines from Nacho. Water temps at the barge were 59 and dirty green brown. Yuck.

Today's target was halibut, so we headed over to a spot off Sunset Beach that normally produces fish and had a bit clearer water. For 2 hours we only had one hit: Sean’s bait came back looking like a lizard fish wanted no part of it.

It’s starting to get hot, so Devan breaks out his sunscreen: Banana Boat. He knows better than to bring anything banana related, even by name, on my vessel. I am starting to get a clue why fishing is so bad today. To my horror, Sean puts some of it on as well. It’s going to be a long day.

We head to the outside oil rigs to try and change up our game. The water was a lot cleaner out here and we drifted several spots for nothing. Victory Rock and the 105 area produced not a bite. There was bait all around us – they wouldn’t even bite a small sabiki!

At the Horseshoe kelp, we finally caught our big break: Sean got the jackpot 6 inch mackerel he didn’t even know was hooked. Several other spots in the area were dry. Heading inside the breakwater, we did a long drift in front of Island Freeman and Devan got the participation trophy 5 inch queenfish. Now we are on a roll!

One last drift by the bait barge for nothing but a hang up on the bottom convinced us it was not our day.

So: the two guys wearing the banana boat sun screen each caught something, while grumpy ol’ me got the el-skunko! Viva la revolution! We didn't see any other boats catch anything either. I hope somebody did!

Oh, and to top it all off, I scraped the paint on the truck on some trash cans and forgot it was my girlfriends birthday this morning.

Sorry, there are no pictures because I threw my camera in the water. Just kidding about that, every thing else is true.


On the good side, the weather was awesome, the boat ran great and we made it home safely!
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Dues paid and them some, Mike! This was a hard read knowing you typically have something in the box.
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