April 27, 2013 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. April has been a month of ideal fishing weather. Light winds have allowed the boats to troll all over Maui County in search of fish. The most consistent find has been mahimahi, but there are other species around. As of the last report, the blue marlin and ono appeared to be showing up. Unfortunately, the blue marlin bite is almost nonexistent at this point in time. The onos, however, are definitely here. The Start Me Up Cuz actually picked up a 62 lb ono this week. The following photos show some of Start Me Up's recent anglers and their catch.

After a few hours of uneventful trolling, the fishermen decided to hedge their bets and put out the big lures. Their gamble paid off near the Lanai lighthouse, with a fish coming up behind the Elkins popsicle and then settling on the disco ball. The blue marlin was surprisingly heavy, weighing in at 383 lbs.

Coleman from Alberta, Canada caught a mako shark. His rare catch, estimated at 100 lbs, was released in great condition.

A large piece of floating debris drifted down the 100 fathom ledge and a few of the boats were fortunate enough to get in on the action. Numerous mahis and even a few onos came off the floater over the course of the day...

All but one of the mahis came off the floater. These anglers also caught and released a small blue marlin.

The same floater was found near K buoy a couple of days later. By that time the fish were finicky, but couldn't resist live opelu.

The 100 fathom ledge held a bunch of mahis on another day as well. The mahis were scattered as a favorable current moved the fish through the area...

Molokai has been producing some mahis and onos lately...

This family scored a mahi and a few nice akus.

Father and son picked up a cow mahi on the troll.

The kids have been catching some fish too..

Angler and deckhand couldn't wait to show off their catch. The teeth on that ono, although small, are very dangerous. Anyone who has seen shredded lure skirts after an ono bite would not doubt their slicing capability.

Sending opelus to the bottom worked out well for these anglers. Ukus are very desirable bottom fish.

This young angler also did some bottom fishing. He caught a nabeta to go along with the other species that he released.

The Swigard family took a break from bottom fishing to catch a mahi on the troll.

This 49 lb ono bit near "blue roof", a popular spot on the east side of Molokai.

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