April 27, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Hawaii. Sportfishing off of Maui has recently been even more productive than usual. Overall, the mahi bite is hot because the fish are biting on the troll and there seems to be quite a bit of floating debris with associated fish. Mahis are accounting for a bulk of the catch right now, but some onos, striped marlin, shortbill spearfish, and tunas are biting as well. If there are any questions about the fishing, feel free to call Deli in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time or email [email protected]. The report below shows some of Start Me Up’s recent anglers and their catch.

Always having bait on hand paid off in a big way for Peter Jones and Doug Irvine. While trolling in deep water, Peter and Doug took a strike. The mahi was followed to the boat by many other mahis and a bait was immediately thrown into the water. By always leaving a hooked fish in the water to keep the school behind the boat, Peter and Doug systematically landed a pile of mahis and even an ono. In this case, preparation changed a single fish situation into a situation that resulted in a great catch.

There is no sense in keeping a fish that is not wanted for consumption. Besides, the beauty of a fish can be appreciated without bringing the fish to the dock. In this photograph, Captain Steve Carroll and crewman Rich are shown in the process of tagging and releasing a striped marlin. The striped marlin was tagged, photographed, and then successfully released to see another day.

The twin sands of Kahoolawe produced some fish for Dan Hickey as well as Matt and Barry Charron. Dan caught a 22 lb. bull mahi, Matt caught a 20 lb. ono, and Barry caught a 20 lb. cow mahi. The fish were iced well and retained a lot of their color as a result.

Howard Blacker was thankful for the hot mahi bite on the inside. Howard caught two mahis on lures immediately after leaving the harbor.

Nick Pefzel, Jake Musser, and Kendal Rogers were fortunate enough to see the amazing scenery of Molokai firsthand. Additionally, Kendal caught a mahi, Jake caught an ulua, and Nick caught a kawakawa.

Perry Monroe, Tony Buccino, Phil Spahr, and Jim Berkley enjoyed a relaxing morning of trolling. However, the relaxation was interrupted a couple of times so that the group could catch these two mahis.

Trolling near the Lanai lighthouse proved to be an effective tactic for Tom Fauell and Kevin Witesman. Tom caught a shortbill spearfish and Kevin landed a nice cow mahi.

Rustin and Sarah King had an enjoyable trip along with Sophie Han. Rustin and Sarah caught the mahi for the barbeque and Sophie provided the sashimi.

Shortbill spearfish are always a pleasant surprise when they come around. Nathan Buschow picked one up while trolling the deep ledge off Manele Bay, Lanai.

Tracy and Adam Daniels returned to Lahaina Harbor with fish yet again. Tracy and Adam fish with Start Me Up regularly and get lucky quite often. We are always happy when they catch.

Tracy and Adam Daniels finished off their Hawaiian vacation with a bang. They have had many successful fishing trips over the past couple of weeks but this one took the cake. Tracy and Adam were joined by their friend Mark Hoyt and together they landed a pile of mahis.

Jodge Golnick, Hank Black, and Kevin Curtis were kept busy. The anglers had a bunch of striped marlin bites while fishing deep water behind Lanai and ended up boating three mahis, including a trophy bull.

Steve and Sally Kalb went out to do some serious fishing. Their effort yielded four mahis and a yellowfin tuna. Between mahi fillets and sashimi, Steve and Sally’s catch will provide some fine meals.

Adam McEwen, an enthusiastic angler, was not about to be denied when this mahi came into the pattern and ate the general jet running in the long corner position. Adam did a great job fighting the fish and finished the fight by boating his mahi.

Patrick Fletcher also proved himself as a talented angler. Patrick’s bull mahi jumped on the strike, a behavior that often results in missed or poor hookups, but Patrick kept the line tight and successfully kept his fish on the line. Obviously, Patrick ended up boating the mahi.

Norma and Matt Baillie followed up getting married by going out and catching a couple of mahis. The mahis were hooked while fishing in the vicinity of the slides on the backside of Lanai.

Doug Shook certainly didn’t let his mahi shake the hooks. The mahi ate a purple and black KK Pono lure and was subsequently reeled in by Doug.

The Clemons group, visiting from Montana, did some offshore hunting. They went out to SO buoy, where they caught these nice mahis.

Jason Goth’s nice bull mahi wasn’t the only fish caught on his trip, but Jason’s mahi was definitely the top fish of the trip. Pound for pound, large bull mahis are among the strongest fish in the ocean.

Recently, there have been a lot of nice mahis caught off of Maui. Eric Langer got in on this action, catching his own bull mahi.

Peter and Raquel had a pleasant morning on the water topped off by this nice bull mahi caught on Jr. Softhead.

Spencer Blair and Ethan and Jonathan Ohara only had time to do a short afternoon trip. Everything worked out just fine for Spencer, Ethan, and Jonathan as they each caught a mahi.

Due to the unpredictable nature of fishing, not every angler catches a fish each time out on the water. Therefore, a trip on which everyone catches a fish should definitely be labeled as a success. Spanky Reeves, Joe Guerrero, and Brandon and Hudson Hannaman had a successful day of fishing as they combined their efforts for a total of five mahis.

A boat full of anglers produced a boat full of fish on this trip. Vladimir Mityushin, Jeff Hordichuk, Rick and Mark Hebert, and Tyler and Jim Hope all got involved when they found a pile of floating debris. The flotsam had attracted some fish and the anglers picked up a nice stringer of mahis.

The Pierson family had gone zero for four on trolling bites when another Start Me Up boat alerted them to the presence of a floater. The Piersons had live bait aboard and put the bait to good use, catching a horde of mahis which included a big bull.

Team Start Me Up works together and all of the boats stay in contact throughout the day. Consequently, when one boat finds a productive floater, everyone gets on the same page quickly. Austin and Scott McQueer, Steve Shockley, Matt Hollabaugh, and Perry and Audrey Ralston benefited from this communication and were also able to fish the floater. The floater yielded an ono in addition to a group of mahis for these anglers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this Start Me Up fishing report. Any questions can be directed towards Deli in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time. An alternative is to email [email protected]. Until the next report, tight lines.