April 26th Report Guatemala: Fishery Alive & Well


Nov 16, 2011
Blue Bayou Lodge, Iztapa, Guatemala
Capt Chris Starrs
Sails Tactic & Sails Pitch- 35 Bertram & Carolina Classic
Hola Anglers. Been a while!

This quarantine is taking its toll. To have such a great fishery and not be able to fish is probably the worse part. This is 100% why I live in Guatemala and I can't even do what I came here to do. I guess join the club.
These boats need to run all the time to avoid issues, so my oldest Daughter and I have been sneaking out with special permission to check on our fish!
Keep in mind Guatemala has a 4pm curfew. So these are also basically half day reports. The stocks are stacking as mother nature reclaims what's hers.

2 day report. We fished 1 week apart, day trips only. To keep our sanity.

2 weeks ago. At just 14 miles.
We found the sailfish bite. Bonitas, jelly fish for days.
27-21-14 sailfish, 1-0-0 marlin, 2-1-1 Mahi and home by noon. The main thing we wanted showed up as the last fish as we hooked a nice mahi mahi for dinner.

April 26th- A week later, we went offshore to the east to try a new spot. Trying to find logs for mahi as we need FOOD. We were greeted by one of the better yellow fin tuna days I've had in a while. At one point these fish were shouldering on the surface ONLY biting surface poppers. NOT just a billfish fishery. Very exciting.
We ended up with 9 yellow fin around 40 lbs. Missed a half dozen sails on the tuna gear. Great day out and enough table fare to get us through another week plus.

Stay positive folks. Hopefully we will all be fishing soon. Where ever that is enjoy fishing!

Capt Chris Starrs