April 21, 2012 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii. The bite has been so good that a substantial amount of time has gone into repairing lures and hook rigs rather than posting fishing reports. Some blue marlin have been hanging around and there have been mahis seemingly everywhere. The onos have moved into some of their favorite spots and tuna flurries have materialized from time to time. Overall, fishing off Maui currently has the potential to get very exciting at any given time. If there are any questions, feel free to contact Deli in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 or [email protected]. The following report highlights some of Start Me Up’s anglers and their notable catches.

Ron Rhyne came across a big fish while trolling in deep water off the island of Lanai. After a tough battle Ron was a tired but ecstatic angler, having just caught a 457 lb blue marlin. Ron’s friend Mark Thonhoff was on the boat to provide moral support and catch a few mahis.

Helen and Mel Owens had a great morning on the water. A day after Ron, Helen and Mel passed through the same area and hooked their own big blue marlin. Mel did a great job in the fighting chair and brought the 398 lb fish to the boat. Helen and Mel also caught a mahi and an ono so there’s no doubt that they had a hot hand. As we say in the business of sport fishing, “Way to fire!” :2gunsfiring_v1:

These anglers targeted the waters on the backside of Lanai and came away with a couple mahis apiece and then some.

Tracy and Adam Daniels also fished behind Lanai. Tracy and Adam went to a more remote location that had fewer mahis but did have some shibis.

Adam Daniels went out again, this time with some friends that he had met during his vacation. Adam showed the new guys how to catch fish as the anglers teamed up for a nice stringer of mahis. Adam and Tracy are back in Oklahoma, but they’ll return to Maui soon and they will certainly go fishing.

Mike Power was able to keep the line tight on a tough shortbill spearfish. Mike’s fish took down the funnel jet running in the long gone position and proceeded to go vertical like a striped marlin. The spearfish ripped a lot of line off the 50 lb class rod and reel so the boat backed down in pursuit. Mike then finished the fight with a long series of smooth pumps. Mike’s trophy shortbill spearfish weighed in at 50 lbs, which is tremendous considering that the average size is only about 25 lbs. Jim Parucci also got lucky out there and caught a nice cow mahi.

Paul Buszinski, Travis Murray, Luke Claxton, and Blake Thurlow tried everything in the waters behind Kahoolawe. The fishermen utilized trolling lures, daisy chains, jigs, dead opelus, and live tunas. The fish turned down nothing as more and more life appeared to move into the area throughout the morning. Paul, Travis, Luke, and Blake ended up with a mixed bag of fish that included mahi, ono, and tuna.

Greg Heinrichs went out on Start Me Up’s early departure trip two days in a row. The first trip did not yield a spectacular catch but Greg decided to try again. One day made a big difference as Greg caught 14 mahis all by himself on his second trip.

Sue and Tom Protheroe teamed up with Brandon and Danny Johnson for a successful day of fishing. The anglers started off by finding a piece of floating debris and catching some mahis. The anglers then found a pile of feeding porpoise and got the big bite for which they were hoping. Sue put pressure on the fish using 50 lb standup gear and wound up catching the 145 lb yellowfin tuna.

A mix of residents and visitors went out on an early departure trip and took advantage of a flurry to catch 13 mahis. The anglers trolled through bird piles and along current lines looking for more fish. They found another mahi and also hooked a blue marlin that got away.

When the bite is really hot, mahis will eat just about anything. The key to success is having baits in the water. If all pieces of the puzzle come together, the fish can pile up pretty quickly.

The action was intense, but not too chaotic. Most of the flurries involved only a few fish. However, there were also times when four anglers were fighting fish at the same time. When the dust settled, the anglers had reeled in 30 mahis.

Onos, caught most often during the summer, are definitely starting to show up. Duane Neal, Tom Aydt, Todd Langford, and Roger McCalla ran into a few on the shoals of Kahoolawe.

New Yorker Tom Venditto caught his first mahi, which was a very nice bull.

Paul and Brent Gibson teamed up to catch a 217 lb blue marlin. The fish grabbed a purple straight-runner on the long corner. After ripping a substantial amount of line off the reel, the blue marlin came at the boat and gave back about 200 yards. The fight eventually became more grueling but Paul and Brent persevered and emerged victorious. The mahi that Brent caught a short while later was merely icing on the cake. Back at Lahaina Harbor, the entire Gibson family could not resist the opportunity to be photographed with the catch.

The Tofte group did some research and decided to try the early departure trip. Their decision paid off in a big way as they caught 36 mahi.

Brandt and Sarah Dotson enjoy the outdoors so there was no doubt that they would go fishing while on vacation. Fishing turned into catching as Brandt and Sarah racked up a nice collection of mahis. Brandt and Sarah also planned to hunt axis deer on Lanai. Hopefully they experienced success on their hunt as well.

These anglers had an enjoyable morning of fishing. Getting a mixed bag of fish is always fun.

Bill Triplett, a return fisherman, wanted to catch the best fish of the day so he chartered the boat for himself. Bill probably wished that he had brought company after being forced to singlehandedly reel in 19 mahis.

Paul and Joanne Ferron showed up at a FAD that was full of life. The action was so fast and furious that the crew had a chance to reel in a few fish. The final count was 16 mahis and 10 shibis. Catching the one bigger tuna that got away would have been nice, but they can’t all end up on the boat.

Alden and Dolores Johnson paired up with Paul and Nigel Gregory and paid a visit to the hot spot. The flurry lasted long enough for Alden, Dolores, Paul, and Nigel to catch 19 mahis, including 4 nice bulls.

JB and Veva McElhannon had a day that featured two separate episodes of mahi action. JB and Veva caught 10 mahis off a FAD and then started trolling. Trolling was interrupted by a 180 degree turn towards a tangled mess of floating line, which produced 12 more mahis for JB and Veva.

Lady luck came through for Kaimme Tieropans. She hooked a big blue marlin inside LA buoy and had the fish to the boat in less than 30 minutes. The fish tipped the scales at 415 lbs. Great work Kaimme!

Peter Sabev got hooked on fishing after catching a pair of mahis on a 2 hour trip. One of the mahis was a nice specimen, weighing in at 25 lbs. Peter also caught a la’i, the skin of which is a prized component in trolling lures.

The stars aligned and Todd, Tea, Jeff, Donna, Emily, and Zac raised the bar. They had a tank full of live bait, a cooler full of dead bait, and a head start at a hot buoy. The pace was so relentless that the fatigued anglers were actually relieved when the mahis had eaten all the bait. The final tally was 60 mahis with an average size estimated at 18 lbs, which is remarkable. Todd, Tea, Jeff, Donna, Emily, and Zac definitely had a day that they will never forget.

Thanks for checking out this Start Me Up fishing report. There will probably be some good catches in the next report. A 600 lb blue marlin was caught yesterday and 400 lb blue marlin came in today. The mahi bite also appears to be staying strong. Until the next report, tight lines.