Anyone looking for a troll/halibut boat set up?


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Mar 18, 2008
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I figured I would post this up here before looking at marketplace or anywhere that I would have to ship.

Anyone looking for a 4 rod set up that can double duty for halibut or can be used for trolling albacore???

Anyone interested shoot me a pm.

I can send more pictures, just pm me your cell. I have 4 Penn 30 reels (no line!!! pictures are from before line was pulled off) and they are on some custom rods from florida. The rods have had some sun but worked fine for me last year. Reels are also older...but all work. You could spend $40 and have Eric go through them if you wanted, to get them absolutely tip top, but the reels worked great last year so not sure you would even need to do that.

I can get more for these...but I don't want to ship them because it's a pain in the ass to ship rods and I don't want to break them up.

I'm asking $1,000 for 4 penn 30 reels AND the rods. No I won't sell one, or two. This is an all or none sort of deal. Again, please keep in mind that reels do NOT have line.

BONUS....I have another penn 30 reel I bought but the clicker is not working (I have the clicker). I will INCLUDE this in the $1,000. So you'll get 4 reels that work, one that the clicker doesn't work, and the 4 rods.

Pictures are for attention....because it's what's on my phone right now. There is more in the picture than what is being offered here so don't draw the conclusion that all rods/reels in the pic are for sale.




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