Anyone looking for a club for 20/21 there is 2 openings at Bloodyducks

Crabb Claw

Aug 2, 2007
Mud Hen's Den
So Ali and I started a duck club 8 years ago for just the regulars/our buddies on BD. Since then people have moved on and we have to slip in some new guys.
There is two open spots right now... Hit me or Marcus up if you want them...

For the last 3 weeks we have had thousands of mixed bwt, gwt, cin teal, spoons, sprig, mallard in the ponds.

Bloodyducks Duck Club is located between English, Alcott and Noffsinger. On the SW corner of the T's at Wister. East of Imperial Duck Club, South of Honker and Ganzos clubs.
Accessible when it's muddy everywhere else by taking English which is DG.

Cost is $2000 Per Person and we hunt in 2 man box blinds. There is a weekly blind pick rotation with picks the night before hunts.
- All decoys including snow decoys are provided
- Dry camping on Rock. No hookups, porta potty in camp. Many of us have travel trailers we leave for the season
- 160 huntable acres, 90 acres of flooded with food
- Nine 2 man duck blinds, one 8 man pit blind in dry farmed field for snow geese
- 14 members
- Guests allowed when blind partner is not hunting
- Hunting days are Wednesday, Friday Afternoon, Saturday, Sunday, All weather days, All holiday weeks
- Best Hunting is from Thanksgiving until Close of season.
- Extended snow goose season is only open to clubs!
- Average score is 4 birds per blind, per box of ammo. No limit on ammo in blind. Many days of limits late December-January
- Most weekends there are less than 4 blinds hunting, weekdays maybe 2 blinds

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Any spots left?
Full with a line. Send me a PM with your name, email and phone number.
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