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May 12, 2020
Chan Suk
my birthday just passed so finally got funds to build probably a couple rods. maybe planning to get a couple blanks off of northfork while they do their spring sale or maybe from rainshadow. ill have to see. though right now I'm planning to get at least one trout mini jig rod, a 60 or 80lb railroad, and build the 1 blank i have right now. any guide recommendations? or should I just head over to islands tackle and just pick some out from there? i know alps is a good but not too familiar with a lot of the guides. especially looking for the guides for the mini jig rod which I'm planning to go up to the micro guides for the top guides. (it'll be tough for one of my first builds but doing it anyways)
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Hector Garcia

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    Hector Garcia
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    I would go Rainshadow. Awesome blanks for their price, and so far so good with all of the blanks ive built. For a heavy rail rod I would recommend their RCTB70XXH or RCTB76XXH rail blanks rated 50-130lb. Perfect tuna blanks.

    As for guides, rods rated 50lb and above, up to 130lb i use Alps HXN, from 20-40lb I use Alsp XN Regular and anything lower I use Alps LXN. Nothing against Fuji, I also use a ton of Fuji guides, but the price of most newer Fuji guides has gone up, and its not really worth it IMO. You dont need SIC or SIN guides now a day. With the newer guide technology, most guides perform the same with very little performance differences. SIC and SIN are supposed to dissepate heat better, but its minimal at best.

    Id say hit up Island Tackle, talk to Sam and the guys. They will explain the differences in guides for you.
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    60-80lb rail rod also check out the RCJB84xxh or 90xxh

    Guides for that blank would would be the ALPs HXN guides.

    If you can, definitely go to Island Tackle and see the guides in person, see them on rods and also pull on blanks and rods. Also they have the nicer guides and components behind the counter, not just what they have on the shelves.
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