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Dec 18, 2011
Santa Cruz, Ca
Koy Wilson
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2003 Robalo 235
Hey everyone , I'm a newly ADDICTED saltwater angler. I'm late to the game but I'm all in. I bought a nice walk around a couple years ago and plopped it in Santa Cruz harbor. I've got a couple seasons under my belt, but I really don't have a seasoned guy to ask questions. So as I was making my list of pre-Salmon tasks to get done on the boat it occurred to me to ask you.......

What are the top 5 or 10 things you wish you knew when you first got fishing that really helped you?

Just looking for some friendly senior anglers to help me a better novice. I'm not trying to half ass this, I'm trying to do it right. Thanks in advance.

Robalo 235 w/a
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