Another Trip on the New Hustler in the Bo0oks


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Apr 2, 2007
la mesa ca
mike de vito
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20ft nitro
Our Tom Chavez monthly charter fished the overnight 12-13 may. It started with high winds and seas. But we go and deal with it. We anchored off Santa Rosa Island looking for the squid schools and the Ghosts. We found neither. From first light to about 0900 we fished hard nothing on the deck. No live squid not live fin fish. Tough going and the people are grumbling. Capt. Chris called Big Tom into the wheelhouse, and we made the move offshore to about 450 feet on the top of the high spot. With the wind and current it was a core to get 16 oz to stay at the bottom. Me forget about that I fish jigs. It was even tougher to get a 400 gram to the bottom. But My son Tim and I stay true. It paid off with the spilt of the pool with Tom. I had a 5.6 lb. fat red, and Tom has a 5.6-pound sheepshead. Yes, we gave it to the crew. Fish of the day was a Cow Cod on the jig. My son Tim was fishing with the e3lctric daiwa 750 until he lost the weight, so I tossed out the bulldog jigs in orange glow it hit the bottom I handed it off to re-tie his setup. One lift and he was on. I am in the stern and hear people cheering I just thought someone hooked a ling. I went to the bow and Tim landed a 25 pound plus Cow Cod. It was fat and he was tired. He wanted the electric back. We were not allowed to take pictures of the Cow Cod but the crew put it on a de sending device right back from where it came. After several hours in the wind we went back to the shallows 80-120 feet of water to fill the bags with tasty white fish. Capt. Chris and the crew of the New Hustler did it again we stayed late and filled the boat. Thank you to everyone that made our trip a success and treating my son as one of the regulars Cheers
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swami 805

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Mar 9, 2016
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sunk it
They don't even want you to mention you caught one so the deep stuff doesn't get closed again.
Skipper gave it a shot, that's all you can ask, could have just parked it in the lee and fished white fish all day.
Thanks for the report, next time
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