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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Keith Poe, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Busted off one of my Swordfish sticks last trip and had it repaired just shorter new tip roller Monsters AFTCO on UB-2 bent butts.

    To the best of my understanding the Z-wing can dig and reduce line out to compensate for drag better than the salt slicer.

    Fired off a 20 questions to Z-Wing about combo salt slicer or adding weight to the Z-wing with alot of in depth details i will not go in to but got a responses asking me to call them to talk about what and how I am doing what I am doing.

    Guess they are interested.

    No down rigger but might use one in conjunction with spectra to go deep connected with release attached to the slicer and Z-wing etc going to try a bunch of stuff and see what happens.

    Maybe I can use 1, 2 or 3 Z-wings and increase trolling speed keeping the baits down and not have to fight all the weight coming back in.

    It's posibble when the fish runs it will cause the Z-wing to work against it helping beat it.

    Here's a few pictures of the new shorter sick I call silver tip and my first attempt at connecting the slicer & Z-wing togeather and see how it works.

    I posted this for some brain storming and betting on what will and will not work for help ideas & always fun.

    Hope it doesn't get eaten by a predator lol

    See the tail fin on the back of the salt slicer ? There's a hole there and thinking of using a small 1 gallon chum bucket with cone shape lid attached to the top of the chum bucket to reduce drag blow back, something like a dog collar to keep dogs from chewing themselves to let a wound heal.

    The cone glued on the top of the of the bucket with 5200 or something will attract Swordfish and with the cone reduce drag.

    Using and EAL above the Z & Slicer and chum bucket with Squid 18" through 24" dyed red, arrow squid from NZ.

    Oh also converted the fighting chair pedestal in to a rod holder to be abble to be mid ship and easier to control everything when the chair is not on.

    For the chum bucket I use a rod & reel leash to the salt slicer tail fin and chum bucket handle.

    Already trolled a bucket for days no cone on top and works great and should be better with a cone, HEY don't take my word for it ask Mr Cone head him self.

    Here is a video of the salt slicer on the rod & reel with bucket attached with a reel leash 10'.

    The LP light clip is over the mono above the reel to clean all the plankton off and the piece of plastic I show over the hypalon is demonstrating how I get the plankton off the line by using the 400 fathom light stick to rub through the ball of plankton crap to thin it out over the line on the hypalon with out compromising the integrity of the line and clean it up.

    Some times it's so bad I can not reel at all in low gear to retrieve line until I clean some off the line.
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    looks pretty sick!!!! ever consider using some type of break-away vs having the salt slicer/z-wing on your mainline?

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