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Oct 27, 2008
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I'm booked on a 1.5 day trip out of SD and I'm hoping they get to go out soon enough. In the meantime I've been getting my gear ready, tying my leaders and collecting my tackle for this trip. It's been a few years since I've been on a 1.5 day trip, I usually take a handful of day trips through out the year. From what I understand the 1.5 day trips will be targeting BFT but they wont know for sure until they get the green light to go out. I tend to take 4 rods on my day trips but I'm not sure how many I should take with me or which setups I should take. Your input would be greatly appreciated so here's what I got:

Avet SXJ - 300yds 50lb braid/ 70yds. 20lb mono. Jaws 8' 15-20lb

Avet MXL - 300yds 50lb braid/80yds 30lb mono. Phoenix axis 809 8' 30-40lb

Avet LX - 500yds 50lb braid/100yds 40lb mono. Proteus 7'6 XHF 30-60lb

Fathom 12SD - 300yds 30lb braid/6ft 20lb floro. Seeker 8' 20lb

Fathom 25NSD - 300yds 50lb braid/80yds 40lb mono. Phoenix 809HJ black diamond 8' 30-80lb

Fathom 30SD - 500yds 65lb braid/6ft 30lb floro. Teramar TMC-90MHB 9' 30-50lb

Fathom 25NLD2 - 500yds 65lb braid/6ft. 40lb floro. Proteus 7'6 HF 30-50lb

Fathom 40NLD2- 500yds. 80lb braid/100yds. 50lb mono. Proteus 7'6 XHF 30-60lb.

Lexa 400 - 200yds 65lb braid/6ft. 30lb floro. Cousins 909H 20-40lb

Again any suggestions will help. If I need to pair up my rod and reels differently that's ok or if I need to change out leaders I'm ok with that as well
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Jan 4, 2017
Paloma, CA
Dennis Vagt
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For bft go braid to 25ft of 30lb fluoro on the 25nld2 and 25ft of 40lb fluoro on the 40nld2 minus the mono. #4 and #2 mutu circles.
Getting bit is the hard part. You can always scale up if it goes wfo.
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