Am-Tac surf rod with Microwave guides

The American Tackle Company


Nov 11, 2007
Baja Sur, MX
Bill Burkett
22' Twin-Vee Catamaran POLE CAT
Although this rod and the guides are all from American Tackle, know that I'm in no way affiliated with the company. To prove the point, it has a Pac-Bay seat and the tip top is a Fuji. I have built several rods on this eleven foot blank and several on their ten foot blank as well (same line/lure specs.) and all the customers have been pleased with the performance. Blank is rated for 20-40 pound lines and 2-6 oz. lures.

This is my first time using the Microwave guide train though. Although they looked kinda' funny to me (the single foots remind me of beer can tabs), once I had them on the rod I think they'll work just fine.

I think the hookkeeper is also from Am-Tac and I love it! Finally a keeper designed for something besides a fly rod.

This rod was not supposed to be another metallic build. I was making it for the tackle shop and was wanting to take a break from the metallics and had selected a group of forest/earth tone threads for the build. The day I put the handle together a friend brought by a visiter to look at my rods and he just had to have it, but after seeing the "blue surf" rod I'd just finished he wanted to go with metallic threads instead of what I'd chosen, so it's metallic with a touch of neon.

Bruce, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Green Surf 1.jpg
Green Surf 2.jpg
Green Surf 3.jpg
Green Surf 4.jpg
Green Surf 5.jpg
Green Surf 6.jpg
Green Surf 7.jpg
Green Surf 8.jpg


Baja Boy..
Oct 16, 2008
Calexico, Ca / BAJA,Mexico
dos por favor
very cool build Bill.

I've been building a 7.6ft swimbait rod (for inshore use) for my personal arsenal (between customer's rods) with similar guide train for a casting reel but I also need another rod for a spinning reel.
I love those "new" hook keepers they really feel HD for saltwater use.
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I Post A Lot But I Can't Edit This
  • Jun 16, 2009
    Chula Vista
    Einar Lohner
    Cabo Marine 226
    Clean classic beauty (thread and finish work) with a conventional twist (guides and keeper). Gorgeous!
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