Aluminum Center Console Customizing


Feb 14, 2016
port of los angeles
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valco bayrunner 18'
Hey everyone! Wanted to gather advice on customizing my (welded aluminum) Valco Bayrunner 18' center console.

#1.Moving the center console location. It currently has the original placement of the center console which is located about dead center from bow to stern. I wanted to push the center console forward to the bow a few feet, which would give me more deckspace aft of the console. Any advice? stupid idea?

#2. Adding a tow hook or bar . I would like to (install/weld) a tow bar on the transom of the boat so that i can pull the family around on an innertube. Any recomendation on a good way to do so? placement?

#3. Coating the hull to prevent water seeping in. Should this be done on the inside of hull? What coating technique should used?
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Oct 18, 2012
San Diego
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1997 Proline 23 W/A
You can move whatever you want, just have to use something as ballast to equal it out, be it moving the gas tank, gear, etc.

I'd put a pole base in and have a removable tow pylon.

You could paint the bilge I suppose, bottom paint would work too but it reduces efficiency and if you get a chip in it, it seems to make the unpainted spot a sacrificial anode for corrosion. I could be wrong on that but it is what I've observed.
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Apr 29, 2004
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If you move the console toward the bow, you trade ride quality for deck space. It's a fair trade I would push it toward the bow. As for the paint (bottom), I would not unless I kept her in the water. She is too small for that. It would have to be special paint for aluminum. If you wan to paint the top, it is difficult to get paint to stick well to aluminum. Special primer special prep. Good luck!

PS as for tubing, KISS just use the bridle. If you need the elevation, use a ball.
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