Alternate Line Counter For a Reel Spooler!

Scuba Chris

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  • May 17, 2016
    Kapolei, HI
    Christopher Takahashi
    Christina Ann
    I Figured Out A Way To Add A Line Counter On My Fishon Spooler Fishing Line Spooler!

    I have the large Fishon Spooler from Sportman Innovations, LLC that they're letting me test on all my reels. With the adapters i can accommodate my ultra lights to my massive bait caster spinners. All my Okuma reels now are re-spooled with Soft Steel line due to this spooler. To understand my line capacity was a job unspooling & re-spooling with a rod line counter attached. But now i figured out how to do it up to 999 meters.

    To get a wheel counter would've run me 2-3 times the cost of this unit! So i'm happy to share my modification success with those who want to spool their own reels & know the yardage. On eBay & Amazon but i got this unit off eBay. Be sure to wrap the line around the wheel at least 2-wraps for better friction to get a more accurate measurement. Or go w/a single wrap & put some tape on the inner spool to create friction for a better hold.

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