Islands Alot of fish out there

Sep 13, 2018
East County
Boat Name
Late start si at 8am figured no wait at receivers, wrong 10 deep 40mins later off and running. Made middle grounds in no time as weather was great. Dropped in a dean and before I could even put it in gear to slow troll I'm on 20sec later seal has it laughing at me trashing it side to side. Toss in another this one took a minute or so and I'm on again couple mins later its in the boat. Next one took about 10mins before he hit the deck, after that I dumped 4 to the seal and it got to the point where I couldn't even get a bait in the water without seals biteing all but the head so I said to myself screw this I'm outta here and headed towards 302. About 2miles west of n Island ran into a patty with all the dodo's you wanted, so I scratched 2 on the boat real quick turned the boat around and back at the ramp by 11:30.



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