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Dec 20, 2008
San Clemente
Brett Weinberg
Parker 2120SCDV
Got an invite from Jake to hop on his buddy John's 43 Viking Cracker. Haven't had a chance to chase the bluefin yet so I hoped aboard with Peter.

All show no go for us today fish appear to be moving NNW

Nothing but big Macks at the SD bait barge.

We headed to the 425 at grey. Found some small spots of fish about 3 miles West of North island. Just a few here and there. Waited around that area for a little but they didn't come up again.

Ran down to the 425 totally devoid of life when we arrived around 8 or so. Glasses around and saw the seiners/pens uphill but we wanted to try and stay away from everyone so we worked to the upper hidden again devoid of life.

Starting working uphill and west found small spots of YFT breezing around on micro anchovies. They were on a line just west of the 371 and even with the 425. Couldn't get them to go. A lot of skiffs showed up didn't see anyone else hooked up either. We moved on.

Worked uphill on that line W of the ridge just short the 371 starred to see mix of 50lb BFT and the big ones. Really came up good on the afternoon tide change.

Threw on spot after spot of fish. Poppers, surface irons, slow trolled macs we even skipped the yummie through breaking fish for no bites.

Tried Shutting down below the pens on some marks flew the kite for nothing.

Only had a single short bite on Mack tossed into a foamer.

Saw one guy hooked up in a 15' whaler. He was pulling on the fish for a few hours and broke it off. Didn't see another boat hooked up the entire day.

Fish appear to be heading NW.

Great day on the water. Had fun watching 200+ lb fish come clear out of the water.
Hope this helps if you get out.
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tom cindric

Jun 17, 2015
Lake elsinore
all she's got
22 key largo / 2670 Glacier Bay
Outstanding report.....sounds like you guys put in a good effort. And it got just didn't pan out. Must have been a fun trip anyway to see all that action.
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