All New Shimano Reels/Rods/Lures/Clothes with Pictures!

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    Hey Guys,

    Found this on the internet and thought I would post it up for you guys. I have the perfect boat to try out all this new gear!

    Please check out my website at

    This year I am going to post things a little differently. I am going to break it down by reels, rods, gear/jigs. If the product is an additional size I will only list the new specs or features. There are simply too many features in several of these reels to list them all. You can either check our website or just ask. Today is going to be very busy for me. I have to post this on 8 more websites. As promised 2 Cool is getting it first.

    Caenan 100/101

    7.2 ounces
    6.5:1/ 27 IPT
    6 bearings (SS)
    10 pounds max drag
    1/8 turn side plate
    Aluminum Lo Mass spool
    VBS reduced mass hub
    EVA handle grips
    Mono 8/180, 10/155, 14/110
    Power Pro 30/190, 50/120, 65/80
    This reel is pretty amazing. I have been fishing for a little over a year now. Performance is about on par with the older Curado B model.

    Curado 300EJ

    6.9:1/ 32 IPT
    7 bearings (1 S-ARB)
    Single counterbalanced jigging handle
    15# Max Drag
    Designed for the new Wax Wing jigs

    Stradic CI4 additions

    3000 7.2 ounces 15# Max Drag 6:1
    4000 9.3 ounces 20# Max Drag 5.8:1
    1000ML (Micro Line) $199.99
    The ML model has a special spool developed exclusively for our new Power Pro Micro Line (3-5#). Along with the spool it has a special drag curve that is shallow and very precise.
    Stella FE

    1000 $699.99 5:1
    2500 $729.99 6:1
    3000 $729.99 6:1
    4000 $749.99 6.2:1
    14 + 1 S-ARB Bearings
    EI on spool
    DLC line roller
    Mg Frame and side plate
    Mg rotor (1000 size)
    X-SHIP- Double bearing supported pinion gear
    Saltwater approved

    Thunnus CI4
    4000- 4.8:1, 15# Max Drag, 12.7 ounces
    6000- 4.8:1 20# Max Drag, 18 ounces
    8000- 4.8:1 20# Max Drag, 19.4 ounces
    12000- 4.4:1 25# Max Drag, 27.7 ounces
    CI4 frame and rotor (12000 size has aluminum rotor)
    Aluminum side plate
    Paladin Gearing
    Propulsion Line Management System
    Dartanium II Drag Washers (Cross Carbon)
    Varispeed Oscillation
    6+1 S-ARB bearings
    Machined handle with Direct Drive and Septon grip
    Water Proof Drag

    Trinidad A

    10- $449.99
    12- $459.99
    14- $469.99
    16N- $479.99
    16-$ 479.99
    20- $489.99
    30- $499.99
    6.3:1/ 38 IPT 10-14 sizes
    6.2:1/46 IPT 16-30 sizes
    8 +1 S-ARB bearings
    Double Pawl Silent Assist Stopper
    Dartaniam II Drag Washers (Cross Carbon)
    X-SHIP and Super Free (pinion supported by two bearings)
    Magnumlite spool
    EI Surface treatment (Frame, Side plate and spool)
    One piece left side plate and frame for reduced overall size and improved strength
    Frame and side plate are cold forged and machined
    Metal Rod Clamp
    Metal clutch lever
    This is the reel I am most excited about this year. This Trinidad A is just awesome. It will outcast and freespool better than anything on the market. I really, really like the new Trinidad :)

    Talica 20II and 25II
    I apologize as I do not have the pricing or specs for this reel. I will try to get it for you today once the show starts.

    And last but not least...

    Curado 50/51
    6.9 ounces
    6.4:1/ 25 IPT
    10 pounds max drag
    7 bearings (1 S-ARB)
    Mono 10/105, 12/85, 14/70

    I would like to introduce the new Terez series of rods. These were built using the small blank diameter concept. There are many actions and lengths available for everything from live bait to popper rods for tuna. We also have several Wax Wing specific rods in this series. I have used these rods and I really like them.

    These rods have very little push back when on big fish or heavy line. They were designed to use braided line with short leaders. In simple terms the rods are very forgiving on your body, but powerful when pulling on fish.

    These will be available in 5 different colors for every action.

    Pearl White
    Emerald Green
    Fighting Lady Yellow
    Sunset Red

    The colors were chosen to match boat hull colors like these:


    Some of the features are the new Fuji "K" guide designed specifically for braided line. They are a no tangle design that works very well. Wind knots and other problems normally associated with braided line are virtyually eliminated by this new guide.


    Every rod also features a metal reel seat. This allows for a strong place to clamp conventional reels and not affect the blank integrity. Spinning models also feature this reel seat design.


    Custom shaped EVA handles (Wax Wing models feature cork handles). Stand up rods have a flat spot for rail applications. The popper rods have a second foregrip that is moved forward for better leverage on larger fish.


    Here are the different actions and lengths. As you can see some are west coast specific and some are east coast specific. Many of the rods will be perfect for all regions. The line ratings are all Power Pro. The intended use is listed behind the model number.

    TZC80ML Small 20# Bait 8' Med-Light Fast 20-50 $259.99
    TZC80M Medium 20# Bait 8' Med Fast 30-65 $259.99
    TZC80MH Medium 30#/ Large 40# Bait 8' Med-Heavy Fast 40-80 $259.99
    TZC80H Large 50# Bait 8' Heavy Fast 50-100 $259.99
    TZC70M Small 20# Bait 7' Medium Fast 30-65 $249.99
    TZC70MH Medium 30# Bait 7' Med-Heavy Fast 40-80 $249.99
    TZCX70MH Medium-Large 30# Bait 7' Med-Heavy XFast 40-80 $249.99
    TZC70H 40# Large Bait 7' Heavy Fast 50-100 $249.99
    TZC70XH Dropper Loop 50# 7' Extra Heavy Fast 65-200 $249.99
    TZC66H 50# bait 6'6" Heavy Fast 50-150 $259.99
    TZCX66H Yo Yo Iron 50# 6'6" Heavy XFast 50-150 $259.99
    TZC66XH 60# Bait 6'6" Extra Heavy Fast 65-200 $259.99
    TZCX66XH yo yo Iron 60# and bait 6'6" Extra Heavy XFast 65-200 $259.99
    TZC66XXH 60# Bait 6'6" Extra Extra Heavy Fast 80-200 $259.99
    TZCX66XXH 80# Bait 6'6" Extra Extra Heavy XFast 80-200 $259.99
    TZS72ML Shrimp/Crab 7'2" Med Light XFast 15-40 $249.99
    TZS72M Sailfish 7'2" Med Fast 20-50 $249.99
    TZS72MH Sailfish Jig and Bait 7'2" Med-Heavy Fast 40-80 $249.99
    TZS69M Sailfish cockpit 6'9" Med Fast 20-50 $249.99
    TZS69MH Tuna Sailfish Cockpit 6'9" Med-Heavy Fast 40-80 $249.99
    TZS69H Tuna Live bait 6'9" HeavyFast 50-100 $249.99
    TZS69XH Bottom fishing 6'9" Extra Heavy Fast 65-200 $249.99
    TZS78H Popper 7'8" Heavy Med-Fast 50-100 $279.99
    TZS78XH Popper 7'8" Heavy Med-Fast 50-100 $279.99
    TZCWX80MPW Boy 8'0" Med XFast 20-50 $219.99
    TZCWX80MHPWJr8'0"Med-Heavy XFast 30-65 $219.99
    TZS70XHPWBoy/Jr7'0"Extra HeavyMed-Fast50-100$269.99

    Trevala S series rods

    This new jigging rod was developed for our new Shallow Water Butterfly jigs. I will post this info soon. For now you can see the rod.

    We used our C4S technology to develop these specific rod actions for the new jigs. The rods are very light and are surprising how much power they actually have. Several AJ, tuna, yellowtail, grouper, snapper and others have been caught with these rods. They feel like a freshwater bass rod in your hand.


    C4S Construction
    Custom shaped EVA handles with split grips
    Fuji Alconite guides
    Fuji reel seat
    Lifetime warranty

    OK over an hour in and I'm still not done posting all the new stuff yet haha.

    The new Shallow Water Butterfly Jigs. These were designed to fish the upper water column for virtually any species. We found they work well on bottom species in shallower water as well. There are three different styles all with very unique actions.

    Whirligig (Actual name)


    This jig has a spiral action when working it. This is a very random and variable pattern.

    Center Vortex


    This jig has multiple actions. It can do the standard walk the dog that most are used to. It also will fish like our original long jigs, but with a tighter action and reduced effort on the angler to make it work. The sinking action is what I really like. It will drop like a rock, catch an aedge and slide horizontally. While it is sinking from the horizontal position it shimmys/flutters like a wounded baitfish. Then it will catch an edge again and start sinking. This jig kills tuna [​IMG] I bet it will work on other fish too.



    This jig has a side-to-side sliding action. I have not used this jig so I apologize for not giving you more input on this one.

    These new jigs will also include the hook, split ring and solid ring. The hooks are made with Power Pro Hollow Ace line :)

    55, 75, 90 gram jigs $13.99
    110, 135, 160 gram jigs $16.99

    Shimano vented shirts


    $49.99 Blue/Khaki

    UPF 30+
    Quick Dry and Breathable
    Underarm and back mesh venting
    Roll up sleeves w/ button tab
    Bellowed chest pockets
    Utility tabs on left pocket

    Dryfender HD and Dryfender Rain Gear

    Sorry for the model pics. I have to try and limit how many pictures I post.

    Dryfender HD Jacket and Bibs


    Dryfender Jacket and Pants


    HD jacket


    Shimano proprietary Ultra Durable Waterproof breathable protection.

    Hyper Repel 100 Technology-

    Durable Water Repellant Treatment offers the first line of defense. It prevent s water from contacting the inner layers of the garment. It continues to function after 100 washes.

    Dryfender HD

    Jacket $199.99 Navy
    Bibs $179.99 Grey


    Jacket $119.99 Black
    Pants $79.99 Black

    Wax Wing Jigs


    These are the new subsurface jigs we have been working on for almost 4 years. They have been used to catch many species on the coast and gulf states. This is a very weedless design with the double hook. This bait will swim in a Z pattern with an irratic kick every once in a while. It was desigend to be fished on straight Power Pro (no leader). When used with the Terez rods the action will come alive. Simply point the rod at the jig and turn the handle. The Curado 300EJ was designed specifically for the Wax Wing jigs. You need a little faster reel for the jigs to acheive the correct action.

    2 sizes

    88 Boy $17.99

    118 Jr. $19.99

    14 colors
    UV Reactive paint stripe
    Upper Wing creates zig zag pattern
    Lower Wing helps keel the bait to prevent rolling
    Owner Tin coated double hook
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