Albie Glaze Slow Cook

Blue Seas Fab

Oct 21, 2003
Un-charted desert isle
Boat Name
23' Sea Hunt Ultra
Ok, heres what to do when you are looking at those last Albie fillets in the freezer. Take the whole fillet, coat with a mixture of 2 parts BBQ sauce (I like the Yoshino), 1 part honey (yes, he said honey) and 1 part Dijon (whatever the hell that means) mustard. It will be a thick coating, almost jelly like. Any way, cook on a low, indirect grill, turning 3 times (three sides) until desired "doneness" this is particularly good method for a "rare" center. Works well on gas grill, but I prefer the coals on the way out. Ya know, right after the fire has peaked, and is on the way down. Also makes a killer salad topper when cold.
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