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Discussion in 'Hawaiian Fishing Reports Forum' started by Kolina, May 25, 2010.

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    If you haven't already, join the Ocean User Coalition. It's a group of local fishers who want to be able to keep tabs on any administrative rules being proposed and make sure legislators and bureaucrats hear what we all have to say.

    It's "our" resource and the DLNR is there to manage it. It's not their job to deny access without discussion. Furthermore, elected officials are chosen, by us, to represent our interests. No one in the State or City governments are there by royal appointment.

    But we can only ensure this if we all get involved. When the elections come up, vote. When there's a hearing, testify. When there's a rally, come out and stand together. The flood that can burst a dam started out as a single rain drop.

    The Ocean User Coalition is organized by some very smart people who really care about fishing. Here's their contact info:

    Ocean User Coalition | Facebook

    You can mail your contact info to:
    Atlapac Fishing Club
    1442 Haloa Dr.
    Honolulu, HI 96814-1944

    [email protected]

    Dean Ogoshi, 951-8530
    Chad Yasumura, 551-5752
    Jeanie Li, 230-3035
    Brian Funai, [email protected]
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    The latest update from Jeanie Li:

    Dear friends who enjoy ocean activities:

    This is per Uncle Norman Swift, the president of Ahi Fever in Waianae. He is requesting that we send out this message. Basically he has got the permit for this year’s tournament but, unfortunately, he had to comply with the harbor master's last minute request to hire DLNR staff for security. With his permit held up until just yesterday (only less than 1 month prior to the tournament), he did not have any option except to comply and use a less than desired level of protection. Last year, the tournament hired Honolulu Police Department officers for security measures and everything ran very smoothly with no disturbances over the three days. This year, DLNR's charges (thousands of dollars) will cost two times more than hiring HPD there is no sure commitment that DLNR staff will show up. Attached is his permit. (Note: No permit was attached to my e-mail. Ken)

    Two major problems with the issue here. First, DLNR should have told Norman straight up in December about what needs to be done to obtain the permit rather than having him wait until now and coerce him to comply. Second, DLNR could not produce any rules in writing and other club tournaments appear to have different requirements. It also appears that DLNR can mandate, at a whim, whatever rules are required for a specific club permit without regard for the necessary advance planning that people need and not be held accountable.

    If you do not want to continue receiving these types of emails, please let us know and we will remove you from the email list.

    Jeanie Li
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    ummmmm this is utter horseshit, I tell you what we get 300 fisherman down to the dlnr office and protest their mafioso ways and put them on the news and get proper coverage to expose them for what they are, a bloated beurocracy looking to get some forced overtime by pressuring one of the island's largest touneys and hosing us fisherman at the same time. Any words come out of the governor's office on this matter? I'd like to think that lingle and aiona would take care of business on this matter as traditionally their part is not privy to large govt and forcing undo "taxes" which this in essence is on the states people.
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    Unfortunately, The gov. office has sat back and Blamed everything on the harbor master himself (William Aila).

    Here are other points to remember.

    DLNR is already under staffed meaning are they going to hire less than adequate people to fullfill the security requirements that they have not specified we are going to be paying for.
    On the other hand are they going to be even more under staffed elsewhere in the state.

    This is an weekend event. Are they going to be able to have adequate back up (if needed)! whenever you call DLNR on the weekend or holidays. You will get a recording that says "Call 911 if this is an emergency" and will record your message if it is anything else.
    When you call "911" it will ask you if you need the POLICE, AN AMBULANCE, OR FIRE DEPARTMENT. DLNR IS NOT EVEN IN THE LOOP! Simply Freaking Amazing!

    They will not be able to arrest, investigate only apprehend and OH! get this call HPD anyway to get the ball rolling if there is an incident. They Also have no jusistiction in the neighboring State Recreational Park.

    All in all we get less and pay more. Freaking unbelievable! Just to give them first crack at the opportunity to provide the security requirement they enforced for the permit which DLNR has not given what the securty requirement is yet!

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    sad to say none of this stuff is new - it has been around for many years and different administrations in HI - as fas as I can tell, the following is pretty accurate; by the way, Lingle is a 'republican' but doesn't talk about lowering taxes alot or at all - we are in the top 10 most taxed (State income tax), AND THERE ISN'T ALOT OF SNOW TO CLEAR:

    Forbes Magazine and the Tax
    Foundation of Hawaii also have claimed that Hawaii is a tax hell. A
    March, 1993 article entitled "'Tax hell' growing hotter" ...
    in a June, 1997 newspaper report,
    Forbes Magazine has called Hawaii "a semi-socialist state." It also has
    referred to the "People's Republic of Hawaii," clearly an allusion to the
    communist "Peoples Republic of China." Also, in a June, 1997 newspaper, the
    former chief economist of the Bank of Hawaii David Ramsour stated that
    "Hawaii practices its own brand of socialism."

    I agree w/Jaeger - 300 hundred fisherman should show up in front of DLNR downtown and block traffic for awhile...

    tight lines,
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    We are still fighting with DLNR from an event we were required to hire DOCARE. The officer was at the event from 6:00am to 6:15am. we were charged for 4 hours....
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    Out of all the people who look at these forums, and all the people who are going to fish this tourney, there has got to be one who's a lawyer, or knows a lawyer. Never been one for bringing situations to that, but seems as though that would be the most effective answer...

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