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May 15, 2004
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AFTCO is a fishing company founded on fishing....what a relief.

Three generations of the Shedd family have shared their passion for fishing with each other and created family bonds in pursuit of this noble activity. From AFTCO's front office to its warehouse, this is truly a company with fishing in its blood. Many of them will share their stories here.

Milt and son Bill Shedd crushing big tuna.

bill milt tuna.jpeg

Milt and grandson Casey, continuing the tradition.

casey and gramps.jpeg

And that's what this contest is all about. Inspired by one of BD's own, Creative Director, Derek Redwine. He shared this story with Bill Shedd at ICAST earlier this year:

Derek was taking his 3 day old son, Alden, home from the hospital with his best friend Scott (Current BD Editor). His wife had stopped for lunch with her mom and a much needed short break from the baby. Meanwhile, Derek and Scott heard the snook were biting at the bridge, so they stopped to check it out on the way home. I'm pretty sure the photo tells the rest of the story. Oddly enough, both Derek and Scott were wearing AFTCO shorts and the early start of Alden’s fishing career has stuck. At 13 year old, Alden is now one of the youngest members of AFTCO’s pro staff program.

derek aftco snook.jpg

Derek still had hair and Scott had a sick mustache (Must have been November). And that's exactly what this contest is all about.....

Let's hear your best fishing memory and why it's special to you. AFTCO related or not, that's not the point. Fishing brings us all closer together and creates memories that last a lifetime.

Show us pics, tell a good story and you could win the following:

1st Place: $500 AFTCO Shopping Spree

2nd Place: $300 AFTCO Shopping Spree

3rd Place: $200 AFTCO Shopping Spree

Contest ends November 18th, 2013.

The first 20 entries will automatically win an AFTCO hat (if your post includes a photo)

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Winners will be chosen by BD and AFTCO Staff. Judges decisions are final. If you lose, just wait for the next contest and quit complaining that you got screwed.
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Kareem Korn

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Feb 17, 2005
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Longboard, 15' Calibogie ("Bogart")
This is the one time I was able to get my dad and my son's out on my boat at the same time before he passed at 95. This picture means alot to me and brings a tear to my eye everytime I see it.
On this day the sea's were mixed up, the wind was blowing and the cuda were being chased by the sporties off of the flats. Given that I had to have my dad in a special chair, it made it hard to stay on the move with the cuda going uphill. So, we tucked in close to the breakwall to try for halibut. I set my dad up on the bottom and like always he hooks up with my back turned. He's the kind that stays quiet (probably because he fished sporties his whole life). When I turn around he's got the pole railed and the top half wrapping around my OB. As I tried to assist with my right hand I had my pole in my left with slack hands. I get hit and the pole/reel fly out of my hands and into the drink. It was my favorate setup. My stomach is sick as I watch it glide outta sight. All this happend out of my dad's line of sight and I did'nt tell him. I played it off and kept quiet because I didn't want to ruin his day. I would throw all my gear over the side right now to have him back. Out of the fourty years of fishing with him and tons of good times and stories this day was and still is my favorate.

His hookup ended up being a batray. Disappoiting for me but a blast for him. He had been hitting santa anna river lakes for trout up to that point due to his health. So for him pulling on something that took drag was good. He had another fishing story to tell his friends at the union hall.


Capt. Scott Goodwin

Capt. Scott Goodwin
Jan 11, 2007
Merritt Island, Florida
Capt. Scott Goodwin
Morgan 24, Glasser 16'8
I'm not eligible, but wanted to share some of the best memories of time spent fishing with the family. These are the best of times and while you don't want to cram it down your kids throat so to speak, I did want to expose them to fishing early in small doses. Now they are asking me to take them instead of me getting them to go.

The picts say it all.

DSC00407.jpgDSC02895.jpg DSC02899.jpg IMAG0092.jpgrileysydney rs.jpg
DSC02969.jpg DSC02971.jpg DSC03128.jpg DSC04720.jpg DSC04761.jpg
don't forget to teach them to clean the boat
DSC03132.jpg IMAG0084.jpg


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jack attack

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Jun 21, 2012
Jack the Dog
17' Alii Kai
My son has loved the ocean since his earliest years. Whatever the activity, surfing, spearfishing, sailing, he’s spending every free second pursuing water time. The defining moment that got him hooked on fishing came almost as an accident. Heading home from school, three hours before sunset, the ocean looked so nice we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to fish for a couple of hours. That day, we caught dinner for us and the neighbors within an hour, then with the sun setting off our bow a pod of dolphins came in dazzled us with a show until dark. The perfect day!!
tuna day_AutoCollage_7_Images.jpg6 tuna day (2).JPG



I see OJ
Dec 20, 2008
San Clemente
Brett Weinberg
Parker 2120SCDV
6 months of no family here to help. First trip out since they were born.

Guess they were good luck PB 66lbs :). Can't wait for them to be old enough to come with and for me to show them this picture.



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Jun 10, 2005
My Boss was having some stress in his life, so i took him on his first fishing trip, and the picture says it all, ive never seen someone so happy to get out of the office and go fish!!!



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Apr 17, 2012
The Beginning
I took a 15 year old friend out last lobster season to try and get him on his first haul of bugs. Turned out to be a slower night but managed a few. Instantly he caught "the bug." Since our outing last season, he has purchased his own dingy, which he upgraded to a boat, and his own set of hoop nets. He consistently puts a few bugs on the board when goes out with his dad. Im glad I could introduce him to such a fun hobby. Now I gotta put him on his first tuna and dorado.




The worst fisherman on the boat
Oct 8, 2009
San Clemente, CA
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In August 2011 we took a trip to Virginia Lakes to do a little camping and fishing with my buddy and his family. We stopped at Lake Mary by Mammoth for a couple of days on the way up there since we had need been there before and wanted to check it out. On the first morning we decided to head down to the lake and see if anything was biting. We each threw in $1.00 and the person who caught the first fish would get the Grand Prize of $7.00 My little girl, who had just turned 7, tied on her own hook, chose and baited on a worm and was the first one in the water. It didn't take long before she caught the first fish of the trip. It wasn't exactly a cow but to her, it might as well have been a great white….

After about an hour or so we got forced off of our spot by a mama bear and her two cubs. We called it a day and ended up going on a long hike with the rich kid leading the way. She didn't brag about winning the money at all but I could tell that she was pretty stoked. So, a couple of days ago I went into her room and found a small envelope on her dresser and asked her what was in it. She was doing her homework and didn't even look up when she said….."First fish money." DSCN0224.JPGDSCN0239.JPGDSCN0245.JPGDSCN0238.JPG


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Dec 20, 2010
west hills
17' sportcraft
No pics so this is just for the chance to share the story, but by far my best memory fishing, and the trip that started it all.

Being raised outside of Philly, I had watched Pops and his buddies clean many a blues after their company trips and was dieing to step it up from blue gills to 'real blues' (my 8yr old wording) and get on the ocean. Man they were so much bigger! Pops made the time and got us both on a blues trip in Jersey. Decent haul from where we lived and we head out early. We get to the landing and all is well. Signed in, payed up, grab rentals, and get into line. About 30 minutes from boarding time Dad says he needed some cigarettes and was going to go to the little shop at the end of the lot, was I gonna come? Apparently there was NO chance I was leaving our spots! I was thinking it was too close and wasn't chancing missing the boat. There is no doubt in his head, I was getting on the boat with or without him. Dad heads out and is back in five-ten minutes. (different times, and different place) Things are starting to get busy and in his rush to meet back up with me he locks his keys in the car. Not so bad but the car was still running. He tried jimmying the door, plugging the tail pipe, prying the hood open, everything he could. He wasn't so worried about the keys & theft (old car), he didn't want the hassles of no gas when we got back. By this time everyone is about to board and he keeps looking back at me and says I had THAT face on. The face only a kid who's heart is being broken could have. As the landing says to go ahead and board, Pops looks at me one last time, turns back around, picks up a rock and gained access! Shut off the car, grabbed his keys, relayed the info to the landing and got on the boat! My HERO! We didn't catch a dam thing but I will always remember I got on the ocean and only because Dad broke his window. There is a feeling an eight year old gets watching his father break a car window so we could fish that will never be forgotten! I don't remember a whole lot of that trip, but that part will always be remembered!!!

Fyi, We got out again that year on a bottom fish trip and I pulled up JP on my first ocean fish ever. No matter what I ever do for him, I still owe that man so much!!!


east pac skiff pilot
May 12, 2006
Bluewater 23 CC-3oo Suzuki
025.jpgsimple happy goodness, my kids love marine life. So many good things good about being on the water.



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Aug 9, 2010
First of all, thank you AFTCO and BD for allowing me to share my family story related to fishing! Last year I started a new tradition with my son who was age 3 at the time, now age 4. I took him to his first Fred Hall Fishing Show in Long Beach, CA. I also brought my father with us, so we had all 3 generations together. We spent several hours at the show and then we took my son out to the trout pond so he can catch his first fish. jacobs trout 2.jpgjacobs trout.jpg

He was so excited and he would not stop talking about it and the look on his face when he told his mom about his first fish...priceless! Before we left the show, we went over to the Friends of Rollo booth and made a $10 donation and he spun the wheel...would you believe it if I told you he won the jackpot? HE DID. He won a brand new Seeker Stelth fishing rod. For those of you who are reading this story of mine, please take the time to visit the friend's of Rollo website It is a non-profit organization that takes children fishing and gives them opportuinity to get toghter as a community and go fishing. I have donated to the organization every year as it goes to such a good cause. Our time at the Fred Hall Show was such a special day as it was with his dad and grandpa! The day was extra special for me as I was able to spend time with my father doing something we both love, sleep, and breath fishing. I hope to do the same thing with my son as he grows from a little boy into a man.

Fishing has been in my blood for years and years. I remember going rock fishing out to the channel islands with my dad and grandpa when I was about 12 years old and I will never forget it (cranking a 2lb weight off of the bottom (300+ feet) with a huge Penn reel filled with dacron and heavy fish on the line), this is when I learned patience and wait for all the hooks to fill up with fish before winding up as the water was so deep and the gear ratio was very slow on the reel I was using. Fishing is awesome as it brings family together and creates special memories, so take lots of pictures to capture the moments!

I found another picture of my son at the Avet casting booth outside in the pond behind the Long Beach Convention Center, winding on a AVET reel with his dad...ME. One more picture of my little rockstar wearing an AFTCO shirt titled of Hoo's your daddy? Can't wait for next year's Fred Hall Show and neither can my son and his grandpa!



Nov 6, 2013
St. Lucie, Florida
Drew Craig
peeling twentie$
My wife with her first dolphin. She was super pumped!! I wish I had a picture of her face when she caught her first blackfin tuna. I cut it right there on the boat and ate a piece, she freaked!! She does it now, eats it right there on the boat. We love fishing the south florida waters, frequent trips to the keys.


Sandy Drags

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Sep 5, 2010
Last year, my wife and I had our first baby, and it totally turned our life around!! Andelyn Deborah Richey, we just call her Ande, or Moo Moo, she loves Moo Moo. Ande is 18 months old now, and such a blast to be with, she just makes your day better, and she is so smart. I am doing all that I can to imbue her with a passion for BlubBlub's. She already loves the outdoors, and my float tube, haha. She is such at piece on the water, I can just tell that as soon as she is able to pull in that first fish she will be hook, Lord knows we are giving here every opportunity ;) Thanks AFTCO for giving us proud Dads the opportunity to show of our Groms a little.

As you can she Ande is pretty small, we say she's Tiny but Mighty!

Educating her on the Inshore scene

Moo Moo's first fish with mama

We were trying to see which one was bigger, I think the trout won

Lesson's Learned at Day At The Docks this year

As for my best fishing memory, so far, it's this one. Andelyn can see me fighting this little Spotty as she stands on the shoreline. She is shouting Daddy! BlubBlub! I kicked to shore, and she jumped into my float tube nearly snapping my rod, totally elated that daddy is gonna let her pet the fish. Can wait to see that smile soon.

Thank you guys so much,
Neil Richey


salt hunter
Mar 14, 2013
H2o Water World Lane
This pic is of my brother and I at sunrise 80 miles off shore in the Atlantic canyons about 35 years ago on our lobster boat "Big Swordy". We caught 3 of these and several 200 lb class tuna that day. What a day that was.


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Apr 23, 2008
sterling, ak
Thanks for the opportunity to share these stories, fishing with your kids makes it even sweeter! These pics are of myself and my two sons Eli and Atom on our first 2 day Albacore trip out of Westport WA. When we first boarded the Rampage, the captain and crew were skeptical of such young boys coming along on a tuna trip. It was bound to get fast and furious and the seasoned anglers were all warning us to keep out of the way, this was no pleasure trip.Little did they know, these boys are from Alaska and have been fishing HARD since they could walk. The boys didnt disappoint and it turned out to be one of the best fishing memories of my life. It turned into a wide open slay fest with everyone working together like a fine tuned machine. The captain, crew, and fishermen all counted this as a trip for the books. Needless to say, the boys have tuna in their blood


Sep 4, 2003
Huntington Beach
Parker 2520
Thanks for the opportunity too share. I come from a family fishing for many generations where our kids are taken early to start experiencing our southern California waters. This picture is one of my most cherished taken some 20 years ago with my wife and very young son who landed this huge Sand Bass by himself using fresh water gear. He wined allot and kept saying it was too hard but when he finally got it to the boat without any help, he was truly amazed as was I. One of many Fathers proud moments for sure !!!
Our family journey continues with fantastic memories from my early days taking my wife to Wyoming on the back of a Harley and fishing every river and lake I could find on the way. To adventures into Baja with an aluminum boat and old motor finding our way into a land we never had been. Fishing fantastic spots like Loreto and everywhere between. We continue to take long and short adventures offshore with family and great friends and yes Aftco is part of our arsenal which never wears out just like our desire to continue the Journey !!!!



Ship faced aquaholic
Mar 9, 2012
Too far from water
I don't have any pics to post with this, but I too have my best memory to date from taking my family on a whim fishing trip to convict lake over Labor Day weekend. I had recently sold my motorcycle to pay off some bills, and keep our heads above water. I had a few bucks left over, and thought this would be the best way to honor my old cruiser. So, on a last minute idea, I packed up the kids, hooked up the boat, and off we went. 375 miles north. I've had never been to convict, so I didn't know what to expect. I wish I knew the marina was only 2 1/2 feet deep! I got the boat In the water, the family in, the truck parked, engine warm, let's go fishin! Less than I minute under way, my prop (stainless steel) dings a good number of rocks . . . It ALMOST pissed me off, but I had been driving all night to get there, and didn't give a shit. We searched the lake up and down with the fish finder on, and couldn't find jack. Saw a few dinks jumping here and there, but nothin. I was almost ready to give up on the lake, but I hadn't covered it all. We cruised along the south shore, and the ff just blew up! This was our spot. We set anchor, and listened and laughed at the guys on shore bitching at us. Less than a minute in, my wife hooks up with a nice one. We get it close to the boat, and it's a few pounds of fish, but once it notices the boat, it heads for the bottom and the old mono wasn't gonna have it, and SNAP! There goes that one. We knew we were in the right spot, so I re-rigged that pole, and set up my 2 year old daughters brand new Barbie pole I just bought at wal mart the day before. We all set our lines out (myself, wife, 15 year old son, and two year old daughter) and ready for the next bite. As luck typically has it, I just sat down with a can of pop, and my wife and son's poles go bendo! I start reeling in other lines to open up space, and out of the corner of my eye, that Barbie pole takes a big hard dip. Oh crap! I thought, and my daughter has no clue what to do, so I start cranking, and working the drag. I used a fly rod Tippett leader on it, so I was really leery of the line strength, and the lovely finesse of a zebco reel. I worked that trout for over ten minutes, after the wife and the boy got their fish in the boat, I was able to concentrate with this one. It turned out to be the largest fish of the day, even for the entire lake. My daughter didn't have any idea o what to do, but she still talks about going fishing on the boat again, and talks about that big trout. It warms my heart as a dad to enjoy those kind of memories. Btw that trout AFTER I cleaned it weighed 3.2 pounds. Not a bad catch for a Barbie zebco pole with a 1.5 lb leader.

Ok, I lied. I got pics! I threw in the deer since it happened, and it was cool. almost wish I had my bow!



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Jun 19, 2013
San diego, ca
Aaron McCranie
Whatever boat I can get on
First, to start of the story I am part or the Big Brother Big Sister program of san diego and have been in it since I was 8 and I am now 16. Over the weekend my big brother Ismael and I attended the day at the bay where we fished the bay and caught a good variety of fish. We started out at 8am by leaving the docks and drove to our first stop where fish were jumping. We started by throwing some MC swim baits and we caught two spotted bass which we through back because they were under 14". Then we left that spot and we trolled the bay where we caught numerous bay bass an an annoying bundle of monofilament. Once we untangled the line we felt something pulling on the line so I got the chance to hand line the fish in. We got it in and it was a bat ray. My first one aswell. So we cleaned up the line and set the bat ray free. Then we continued our awesome day of fishing. For a while the fishing was a little slow but then we found some more balls of bait and the fishing picked up. We took turns catching fish and at around 11:30 we started trolling again and we found a great stretch of halibut fishing where I finally caught first and second ever halibut both legal. One was 22.5" and the other was 24". My big also caught a halibut but it was small. Throughout the day we also caught another bat ray on the troll and it was a great day of bonding and fishing experience. I got him more interested in fishing and now we try to get out as much as we can.

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Oct 14, 2009
torrance, Ca.
Hi my name is Han.

my father was fisher man back in late 70's and early 80's
I did not know much of fishing...

just trying to learn English.
high school San Diego Graduate Kearny High School back in 1978.
did not speak enough English to get in lots of trouble in school.

joined US Army right after high school graduate.
Got out of service and worked as Auto mechanic

some how I end up with bad liver and had liver transplant
back in 2004
Thank God that I had donor for my liver / and family.

that is when I got into fishing as walking pier / Redondo Beach
one year later got strong enough to got on Spitfire as my first boat ride.

WOW.. I got tired so much could not get up for two days... lol
I had to win what I have to do.

that is the reason I name me as "Winning man"
from five year in wheel chair to walking strong fisherman..

Thank GOD, my wife and fishing.

I will try to find some post.


From...... Now
11-12-2013 004.JPG11-12-2013 006.JPG07-04-2013 070.JPG
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SeaHawk IV

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Jan 15, 2008
United States of America
I was about eight years old and it was a warm summer day. I was bored at home so I walked to my neighborhood park to see the lake. The city park had a decent size lake but to me it was huge. I knew nothing about fishing at that young age and nobody in my family fished. One day at the park, I observed this elderly gentleman pulling in a catfish by tugging on a string and wrapping it around a tin can. At that moment, I approached him and asked him where he bought his fishing gear. He chuckled with a smile while landing a nice size catfish. I asked him where I can buy a set up like his. I recall him telling me he made it himself and he would show me how to make my own. He told me all I needed was a soda can (back in the day it was made of tin), some fishing line, hooks, a spark plug and corn meal for bait.

The gentleman gave me an impromptu lesson on how to assemble his homemade fishing gear. First he showed me how to tie a knot to secure the fishing line to the soda can which looked confusing. Then he wrapped the line around the middle area of the soda can leaving a couple of inches of exposed metal at the ends for gripping. He tied a dropper loop type of set up with a spark plug at the bottom as a weight. He then asked me to stand back as he was ready to cast his line out. He stands in a bladed stance position and start swinging the spark plug in a circular motion as if he was about to lasso a bull. After several revolutions of gaining momentum, he gracefully launches the spark plug near the middle of the lake as I stand there in awe.

Shortly after, I made my own set-up just like the gentleman taught me. I used it for about two years almost once every week at the same lake catching catfish and blue gills. I was basically a self-taught fisherman by trial and error. After seeing other fisherman’s using fishing rods, I treated myself to my first Zebco fishing rod that was purchased at a Thrifty Drugs store. From that moment on, fishing has been an addiction.

At about thirteen years old, I went on my first half day ocean party boat trip with rented gear. Caught lizard fish, sand bass, calicos, mackerels and barracudas. Now more than three decades later, I still have a vivid memory of my first introduction to fishing. Now I’m a dad with three boys. The fishing excitement has carried over to all three of them. The first kid caught his first fish at Convict Lake. The second and third kid caught their first fish two years ago at the Fred Hall Show, Berkley’s Trout Tank. All three kids have really taken a liking to fresh and saltwater fishing. I’m sure they will continue to enjoy this sport as much as I have over the years and many more to come.

First saltwater fish...

Leo Carillo State Beach

Heading to Catalina Island

Caught two identical LMB in 45 minutes. Hooked and landed on their own.

He never complained about being sick.

His first lying down rejuvenating from 30 minutes of barfing.

His first saltwater fish snapped him out of being in barf mode.

There is so much to see and learn while fishing. It was so fun to watch them scream and yell in excitement when we came across this Mola Mola.

They're so humble...priceless.

Personal best spiny lobster

Big Bear Lake trolling for trout...Good Times!


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Jun 14, 2007
Boise, ID
None :)
In 2009, I went on my first 2 day. It was pretty good fishing and I got absolutely hooked on offshore fishing. I was on the trip with my friends and their father, and at the end of the trip, we sat down and said how much fun would it be to charter a boat and get 25 people that we all know to come along and show them how awesome offshore fishing is? So in December of 2009 we booked the Dominator for a 2 day charter in August 2010. Then 2010 happened. I know you all remember cold, nasty water. No tuna. No Yellowtail. No offshore season to speak of. We were getting closer and closer to our trip and all of the people who actually fished that we invited were turning us down because the fishing had been so horrendous. We ended up with 19 people, only 5 of which had ever been on an offshore trip before and more than half of which it was their first fishing trip ever. We headed down the coast and caught rockfish for 2 days. I kept trying to tell everyone that this isn't what it's usually like. We caught some huge rockfish and lingcod which was fun, but the trip was winding down and we had only fished on the bottom. It was sunday afternoon and we were just south of the Coronados. The water was GREEN and cold and nasty and we were cruising by paddies because we had gotten tired of stopping on dry ones and we needed to get back to the landing. We passed a garage door sized paddy and my brother of all people shouted from the rail "There were fish under there!" We made a u turn and stopped to throw some bait. I was thinking if we could just get one fish that would be awesome because I felt like the none of the first timers were going to understand the excitement of offshore fishing. Of course the first person to hookup is my cousin Mary, who is on her first fishing trip ever and could definitely count all of the fish she has caught in her life on one hand. She fought this thing on a rent rod that malfunctioned many times and a rod belt that broke half way through the fight. I'll let the video and pics do the talking. The video is long but if you want to skip to the best part just cut to 8:45. The uproar when the fish came over the rail was awesome. We caught 3 yellowtail total. It totally made the trip for me and I think that it was an unforgettable moment for most of us on the trip. I am so glad that I got to share that experience with Mary and my family and friends.



LIL' DENEK included
Feb 13, 2006
Boston Whaler 130 Sport " Low Budget "
I started my son fishing out of a float tube when he was 9. We would tube the harbors for spotties and always did pretty well. I finally got some money together and bought a little aluminum boat. We would fish the Long Beach breakwall pretty regulary and had a blast.
Lil Ceez would fish with us most of the time. He had been fishing in the SWBA series and mentioned that there was a tournament coming up at the wall. It was from 10pm until 6am if I remember correct. It was open to 3 man teams, so it was perfect for us. The only problem was it was the day before my sons 12th birthday. I had asked him if he wanted to have a birthday party of fish the tournament. He said he wanted to fish. (Good answer) His birthday is in July, so he was on summer vacation. He started staying up later and later each night leading up to the tournament so he could fish all night. He did this for about a week and said he was ready.
Tournament night comes around and off we go. We had heard of the guys we would be fishing against, but never really met any of them. I was pretty intimidated to fish against them, but any time to fish with my son is a good time. We had probably the best night of fishing that I have ever had. We caught fish from start to end. My son stayed up the whole time catching as many, if not more fish then ceez and I. When my son wanted to take a break I would have him run the trolling motor. He kept us right where we needed to be and when he was ready, I would take back over. Our thumbs were so bloody from catching we got to the point were we didn't want to cull any more.
Sunrise rolled around and it was time to weigh in. We weighed our fish and were really happy with our weight. Our 5 fish limit of all calicos was 21.71 pounds. Stoked. Pulled the boat out and started talking with everyone. I had some of the big names in saltwater bass fishing talking to us and hanging out by our boat. Ceez had pulled me away and said that he thinks we might have won. As cool as I thought that would be, I didn't think we had a chance.
Well award time comes around and sure enough, WE WON! I was so excited to share that with my son. What a birthday present. This is something that I know I will never forget and I'm sure my son never will either.

My son would always fish with me any chance we could get. From pond hopping for green bass to even a clemente run. He would prefish with me and even find different patterns then I would. He is now up in college, but is lucky enough to fish right at his school. He will send me a picture of a bass he caught between class or after class. He is hooked for life.



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Aug 9, 2010
Just curious about the "please poke eyes" sign on the fish cleaning table. Why? I have never seen a sign like that before. Awesome post.

I'm not eligible, but wanted to share some of the best memories of time spent fishing with the family. These are the best of times and while you don't want to cram it down your kids throat so to speak, I did want to expose them to fishing early in small doses. Now they are asking me to take them instead of me getting them to go.

The picts say it all.

View attachment 482300View attachment 482302 View attachment 482301 View attachment 482309View attachment 482310
View attachment 482303 View attachment 482304 View attachment 482305 View attachment 482307 View attachment 482308
don't forget to teach them to clean the boat
View attachment 482311 View attachment 482312