Aftco Angler’s Tackle Bag - Lightly Used


Sep 9, 2004
Calabasas, CA
40' Cabo Flybridge "Magellan" and 19' Boston Whaler "BobKat"
This Aftco Angler’s Tackle Bag was used for 2-3 trips to Mexico. It’s an ideal bag for flying with tackle on a fishing trip. Shows some slight wear from being a checked bag for air flights but is in perfect working condition (zippers etc.). I believe these bags have been discontinued by Aftco now. It’s fairly heavy duty in construction, has some good padding and, similar to the Aftco Captain’s Bag, provides lots of water protection. 3 large Plano boxes that fit in the bottom compartment included. $100 if you can pick up or meet me a mutually convenient location in the HB/NB area or up in West Valley (Agoura/WLV area). Ship at your cost. PM me here on BD if interested.

8D7CF58A-D54B-4EBB-B079-89C9A85E3364.jpeg 9C55583E-4C36-4A95-91DF-CADB711967A6.jpeg 14B12EB4-C52B-4C00-AAE4-B8EA7498BE63.jpeg E9D6615C-921E-49AD-AFFC-08651D4CF7A8.jpeg 7544A815-95B4-4B8E-9992-DE9AE1120408.jpeg 907BE329-7F3D-4A6A-B15F-3FB567F31484.jpeg EEBFB9B6-1B9D-4C0B-A311-D6EE02A3E0BC.jpeg
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