Advice Needed (Skipjack 24 Open)


Oct 20, 2012
Orange, CA USA
Out of Office - Custom Invader CC
Unfortunately he doubled down on the price. I just don't feel comfortable offering $14k for something I know will need quite a bit of work.
Regret only lasts a short while. Bad decisions stay with you forever. Good call.

This guy is hoping for Covid pricing, as someone else said. That boat is $5000 - $6000 all day pre-Covid on a good day in summer. Winter, cheaper.

Hang tight. Other Skippies will come up. Make friends with your local mechanic and let him know you are looking and offer a finder's fee for a tight 24.

Funny, not too long ago TWO 24's came available as complete projects for damn near free and I'd rather have taken the POS twins over this one at $14K. You can build a pretty solid boat at $14-20K from the ground up with some sweat and glass shards in your skin.
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