Adventure 16 closing/ everything is on sale

Shimano Penn

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Dec 3, 2014
Chula Vista
Fond Memory
I went to A-16 today and found out they are closing. Too bad, I've always liked that place. Sort of like REI without the arrogance, more like a Mom and Pop shop. Anyway I thought since I didn't know maybe you didn't either, just a heads up. All merchandise is 20-55% off, looking around it seemed most of it was 25%.
They still have tons of backpacks, travel packs, duffles and outdoors/ travel luggage. They have boots and clothing and of course miscellaneous backpacking/ camping gear, even tents.
I talked to one of the guys and it was the same old story, the internet is killing them.
It's a shame, I'll miss that place.