Accurate dauntless 500 rod


Mar 11, 2021
Lee Attema
Dolphin Docks
Looking for a combo for Texas gulf coast tuna trips. I went on dolphin docks express 56h last year and had a blast. Have another one booked for January. Looking to build a combo as my saragossa had me whooped. I want to get an accurate dauntless 500 with a rod that I can cast poppers/flying fish and also is good for the rail. I have looked at the 7' accurate rod and also the UC raptor and predators. I don't want to build my own rod. Just looking for something I can cast well and will hold up to tuna in the 100-150 range. TIA. Also curious about the dauntless 500n, any reason to go narrow? The captain recommended 80lb test that's why I was thinking regular.


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  • Sep 23, 2019
    West Hills, CA
    The Dauntless 500N is an excellent reel but line capacity might be an issue if a fish that size (100-150) decides to run. At 80 lbs you will get less than 250 yards. I have the entire series of Dauntless from 400N to 600 and they all have similar stopping power the issue you have to deal with is line capacity. Consider the 600N for jigging in this situation, larger line capacity, only about 2 ounces heavier than the 500, on high gear same line retrieval of the 500 despite the lower gear ratio, low gear has lower ratio than 500 to really put pressure on the fish and the higher profile gives you more leverage. As for the rod, I have the GP Terminator and GP Predator and would recommend the Terminator for 80lbs leader. The main reason is that it has a slightly softer tip (IMO) to toss the bait or popper a little better. The rod has really nice recoil and helps keep constant pressure on the fish. I do not own the Raptor but I believe that only comes in 7 foot version which might limit the cast of lures. Good luck !