A REEL good time/East Cape,Buena Vista Fish Report

Jul 18, 2005
Buenavista East Cape Baja Sur Mex
Axel Valdez
Buena Vista Fleet
Remember when you asked about fishing and somebody said, “You should have been here yesterday?” Well, this is “yesterday.”

With air temperatures in the low 90s and the water holding steady in the low- to mid-80s, offshore fishing has been phenomenal for billfish with blue marlin, striped marlin and sailfish all on a hot bite. The billed critters are chasing both ballyhoo and lures with the color of lure seemingly making absolutely no difference. Put it in the water and something will grab it! On top of that, the yellowtail bite continued, with the forked-tail fighters primarily hitting live bait. Have you enjoyed yellowtail ceviche recently? Wowza!

As for dorado, it’s been blistering. Dorado – or mahi-mahi as they’re known in Hawai’i – are being seen and caught around the buoys and pads of floating seaweed with either sardines or a small Rapala. Some hotel guests have been bringing saltwater fly rods and casting 1/0- or 2/0-size Clousers in chartreuse and blue or chartreuse and green colors. Quick strip it a time or two and hang on for a mid-summer sleigh ride!

Inshore and bottom fishing were great again with big roosters being landed not too far from the hotel beach; while snapper, grouper, amberjack, pompano and jack crevalle are putting on a great show going after either jigs or baitfish.

mansier 4.jpg

mansier 2.jpg

The Dan Mansier group visited us from the San Diego area for six days full of fun, great food, drinks, great service and amazing fishing aboard 3 Hermanos, Calereste and Eclipse. They caught and released a true East Cape Super Grand Slam of marlin, dorado, tuna, amberjack, yellowtail and cabrilla. Awesome catch guys!
jimmy nelson blackfin snook.jpg

luiza jack cravalle.jpg

luiza pompano.jpg

luiza sailfish.jpg

Our friends Capt. Jimmy Nelson and Luiza from the Fishing With Luiza Show, fished aboard Nath Mich and Eclipse91 with friends Felipe Valdez and Miguel Sandez, landing big roosterfish, sailfish, pompano, jack crevalle and a blackfin snook. They said it was awesome.

david lecompte rooster.jpg

David Lecompte a good ole California friend from the Chico area spent a day fishing aboard the Nath Mich with Capt. Felipe Valdez. He hooked, landed and safely released a big “roosta.” Congratulations.
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    I leave next week fishing a tournament at Playa Del Sol. What jigs were working?
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