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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, December 2, 2016

    Gary Graham
    Que Pasa

    FMM Tourist Permits for January

    Often FMM tourist permits change at the beginning of the calendar year—either the form or the price. If you are planning to cross the border before January 1, 2017, outlets may still issue the prepaid FMMs, as long as they are used before the first of the year. However, most outlets will not issue the prepaid FMMs for crossings in the first few days of January until they are aware of any new changes in the paperwork or cost.

    Toll Road Price Increase

    Price for the toll road heading into Ensenada at San Miguel has increased from 31 pesos to 34 pesos.

    A big Muchas Gracias to Jennifer Kramer, Discover Baja for the timely update…

    Coronado Islands

    Report Pending …Fishdope.com


    Report pending

    San Quintín


    Couple of kayak corbina taken from between the house and the Old Mill this morning -- both on 6 pound, with a ghost shrimp tipped mini jig. Fun stuff. Another first: yakked corbina! …Daniel Powell


    If they don’t bite…shoot ‘em! Captain Kelly Catian

    Bahía de Los Ángeles

    Report pending

    Gonzaga Bay

    Took my kayak down to Baja last week and got into a wide open yellowtail bite ! Here's a short video of my trip. Tight Lines! …Chris


    Cedros Island

    Report pending.

    Bahía Ascensión


    This is my favorite fishin’ kid! Bella is not at all squeamish about holding up her catch; she is great on the panga and has been fishing with us since she was a kid. …Shari Bondy

    La Bocana

    Juanchy's Aguilar is the man! If you ever get a chance to fish La Bocana you will love it! Some of the best fishing in the world, yes The World!




    The best weather day of the week and almost everyone is up at San Javier with the annual festival.

    Most every official in local and state government is up enjoying riding and rodeo events, not to mention eating!

    Half of tomorrow's water activities have been cancelled due to the wind forecast so I think the only action will be off the rocks at the marina.

    That's not a sad thing -- live bait on hand lines and Krocodile on casting rigs have been working well on an assortment of sierra, toro and small roosterfish.

    Most of this past week was impacted by cold winds and cloudy skies with the results one might expect.

    Down at our southern end, the Escondido/Tripui private boater crowd found some action down at "Marcelo Reef." The high spot is about as far south as anyone travels on a calm day!

    If you know the coastline it is due east of Agua Verde, offshore about a dozen miles. Amberjack and yellowtail were on a mad bite with one 25-pound cabrilla and one dorado also added to the count. Hundreds of dorado but only one biter in the bunch. The only problem with that event, it only lasted a half hour and then shut down -- completely!

    Our diver trips report seeing endless schools of bigeye jacks around Danzante Island. Sara Cartwright, one of our dive instructors was explaining why she loves to dive with fishermen. When they see schools of the big fish they get very excited and animated underwater! The other divers just see them as fish in the foreground.

    The sight of a hundred or so 40-pound pargo brings back the awesome memories of being almost pulled over the rail or the broken-in-half Pacific tuna stick!

    More windy days and it time to break out the long sleeve tee shirts. …Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    Magdalena Bay


    A quick trip to Mag Bay . . . fished a day and a half for wahoo, dorado and 63 striped marlin! Thank you again for a wonderful trip Ty, Antonio and Noe! A few pics from the trip!!! …Maybe Mañana Brad

    La Paz


    From Twin Falls, Idaho, Terry Robinson had a great day nailing this huge wahoo…losing a few others…tangling with a big dorado for a bit and also getting the wahoo below. … Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

    East Cape


    Awesome day on JU-KATE !! Nice bull dorado -- Captain Luis Araiza and deckhand Andrés Cota Verduzco. …Van Wormer Resorts


    It's a wrap! …Gary Barnes Webb


    Awesome catches from Pablo Konietzo and Haden Watson; this couple of wahoo were landed no more than one mile from our pier aboard the Alegria with Captain Juan Garcia. …Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort

    Yippy Yi Yo Kai Yay and Giddy Up! They've gone from starving rescue horses to healthy riding horses, and after we have cared for these horses for almost four years, they want to ride! Join us as we begin 'Baja's Awesome Beach Rides'! We've hired Caballero Juan, a horse loving cowboy from Chihuahua who cares for horses with a loving hand and is ready to take you on your beach ride; out for a sunrise or sunset ride up the arroyo, or a ride to dinner. Call Juan at cell 044-624-16-04061, Theresa at 624-18-22355, office at 14-10231 or email [email protected] or [email protected] to book your awesome beach ride! Giddy up! …Theresa Comber

    San José Del Cabo

    Easy to notice now that crowds of tourists have diminished since the passing of Thanksgiving. Normal situation for this time of year. Weather patterns have been on a general cooling trend, relentless north winds were hard to predict and eventually there will be some nicer conditions when the wind resides. Water temperature has also dropped into the 77 to 80 degree range, depending where you were, warmest areas in the direction of San Jose del Cabo.

    With the weather not being favorable most days this past week we did see a decline in all around catches. Yellowfin tuna was the main species being found, various locations, early in the week the fleet found the best option to be off of Punta Gorda, within less than one mile from shore, the yellowfin were striking on strips of squid and ranged in sizes up to 30 lb. Later in the week some tuna action was found further offshore associated with fast moving porpoise, same deal with squid being the best bet. None of the large tuna were reported off of the Gordo Banks, changing conditions has put that bite to a standstill.

    Dorado became very scarce once again, though we did continue to hear of more being found on the Pacific, though with water temperatures dropping quickly in that direction we expect these fish will follow their prefer temperate currents. We were seeing only an occasional dorado for the boats based out of La Playita. Wahoo was the same story, only a fish or so per day being accounted for the combined fleet.

    Billfish action was limited, a few striped marlin were reported off of the San Jose del Cabo region, where there were reports of some schooling sardineta and mackerel, also a indication of cooling currents. Most of the lingering black or blue marlin will soon be moving out of this area, searching for warmer waters. As we wait the arrival of the winter time billfish, the striped marlin.

    Strong winds made it difficult to target any bottom action, though a handful of good eating pargo, triggerfish, pompano, cabrilla, amberjack and others were found, no big numbers though. A few sierra and roosterfish were scattered along the shoreline.

    We are now seeing increasing numbers of whales started to arrive to their winter calving and feeding grounds, so still a bit early in the season, in another month or so we should be in peak season for seeing these mammals…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

    Los Cabos


    Sometimes you just have to get out on the water and not sit behind the desk! This was true this past weekend for Tracy Ehrenberg of Pisces Sportfishing who enjoyed a day out aboard Contessa our 82-foot yacht which provides comfort and can catch fish, too! “We saw fish right off of Solmar Beach . . . hundreds of small yellowfin tuna, jumping like bait; thick in the water but no takers.”

    “Next we saw five humpback whales in a small pod, then on to Gaspareno, where marlin were present. We had one hook up, but the fish came off. We were tempted by a school of tuna about a half mile away that were clearly visible so headed over.”

    “Greeted by hundreds of dolphins, we took a couple of sweeps around the edge of the school but no luck. We headed back to where the marlin were and had fun following the tip offs given by the diving birds and managed to hook a feisty striper around 110 pounds, which was successfully tagged and released ten minutes later.”

    “Then heading back towards home, we spotted another three whales and hooked a nice dorado on a pink lure; pretty good size for a female -- around 32 pounds.”

    “What an incredible place we live in; we saw hundreds of creatures from tuna to marlin, whales, dolphins and birds. It’s nice to remember why we live here.” Tracy Ehrenberg— at Pisces Sportfishing!!!

    While the billfish action has slowed up this past week, the dorado action remained good for the fleet's anglers and ranged from close to shore to the off shore waters. The overall fishing counts remained good for the fleet that were scattered widely along the Pacific side.

    Cabo Climate: A mostly sunny and warm week with a few passing clouds and daytime temps that averaged 86 degrees and nights averaged 64 degrees. Humidity ratio averaged 56.5% for the week.

    Sea Conditions: Good surface conditions for the week with mostly calm waters and surface breezes flowing from the south to south easterly directions at an average of about 8 mph. Water temps on the Pacific side, from the Finger Bank to Jaime Bank, all at 75 degrees. South of the Jaime Bank and east to the 95 Fathom Spot, 1150 Fathom Spot and the Cabrillo Seamount, extending on up to Los Frailes, all at 77 to 79 degrees.

    Best Fishing Area: The better billfish catches came from the Herradura and in to Cabo Falso, (lighthouse area) with dorado catches extending all along the Pacific coastline clear to Todos Santos area and beyond.

    Best Bait/Lures: Rigged bait was working very well for the billfish and artificials were performing well, along with rigged and live bait, for the dorado. The dorado provided some very good action for quality-sized fish in the 25- to 35-pound range.

    Bait Supply: A very good bait supply for caballito at the $3.00 per bait rate. Still some good action showing on the banks when the green mackerel start to pop to the surface.
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    GREAT REPORT Gary and nice pics. FAT Wahoo for 1 mile
    off the pier at Hotel Buena Vista...Whew! LOL
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