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Sep 8, 2008
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Hey guys. I was able to get out this past Sunday funday (11/29) out of dana wharf for their halibut drift trip. Pretty dayam slow day but honestly no complaints as its been a while since ive been out on the water. The drift/current was mediocre at best all day till about noon time when the current picked up. I had my rod in my hand when capt calls out on the PA that we were coming up on some lobster pots. I had the rod in my hand when i went to adjust my hood and hat (i thought i was out of gear) when my rod shoots straight out of my grip and plunges into the water. I have a feeling my line snagged a trap or buoy/rope and couldnt react quick enough as i was distracted. I was either stunned or shocked in disbelief as this has never happened to me before and i couldnt muster any reaction - i just sat there staring while the capt tried to get a deckie to grab a gaff. Sadly the rig jus sunk so quick i knew it was like the titanic.

We were right around san clemente or jus before it in about 90-120’ of water. And i remember distinctly the yellow rope and buoy that was in the water at this exact spot. I know its a long shot but i figure someone is gonna have to check that lobster trap that the yellow rope/buoy is attached to at some point and im hoping my setup will be with it. The rod was a phenix and pretty easy to replace, but its the reel that id really like to get back the most.. discontinued model that ive owned the longest in my arsenal and has a lot of sentimental value to me. If anyone finds the setup, id be happy to describe it for proof, down to the mono line and terminal setup if its still attached. The reel will probably be trashed but id still like it back as a keepsake.

Anyway, long shot but id be happy to part with the rod to get the reel back from whoever stumbles across it. Thanks fellas
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    Most of the lobster guys down there in Dana are pretty cool. You may want to go walk the commercial dock by the harbor patrol and then there are usually some down near the baby beach. Having a case of beer goes a long way and/or some cash along with your story of sentimental value. If you remembered the color of the buoy you would probably have an easier time trying to pinpoint who's gear it is.
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