A Guestimate on the Spearing Season

May 13, 2004
Long Beach and points due west
Bob Ballew
2520 Parker with twin 200 Yamahas
...Water temps are changing fast. The warm water from the past 5 years is being displaced with colder upwelling. That indicates lots of plankton movement with greener water for divers. Probably more red tide inshore. It will create a bonanza of baitfish offshore for the gamefish. Big tuna can tolerate the colder water better than the small size fish...just could be your chance for a 400 pound bluefin...
...The positive is, if you learn to spot the temp edges where cold water runs along a warm streak plus where clear water edges against green plankton (baitfish feeding spots), you can condense search areas down to smaller sections to find the hungry gamefish...The change over could bring albacore within range...but, we probably won't encounter mahi-mahi, wahoo or the odd exotics this season...
...Grunion run along L.A. coastline from April 27 thru 30th. If we have red tide, you can often dive under it and still find flatties..In fact, the red tide layer provides good cover and reduces the chance of spooking the fish as you close in just above them.. I like the 3rd or 4th day of a run, as the flatties lay up shallow, fat and lazy from stuffing themselves with grunion...The 28th thru the 30th has good late morning high tides (better vis) without much current to fight...start early...once the sun hits the water, the fish bury into the sand to avoid predators....
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Sep 20, 2005
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Wahoo. Ha. Shoot. If we see that again our lifetime, we will be lucky.
This years current and upcoming season and conditions seem pretty much what use to be consider normal, less the winged tuna.
Hoping the kelp has a chance to make another comeback.
Thanks for the post👍🏻


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  • Jul 24, 2017
    San Diego, Calif
    Joseph Gratteau
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    Yeah, thanks for the thought! Tough to predict, but food for thought. YT on patties is probably already happening. LJ looked clean this morning, wind&sea area looked blue at low tide. Flatties and resident YT, and WSB probably happenning.
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