Inshore A Great New Seaforth Twilight Ride


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  • Jun 25, 2015
    Party Boats and Skiff
    I hadn’t fished a Twilight trip for a year and decided to fish the New Seaforth with my S.O. I wanted to go next week on a full moon but it must be chartered. It was a slow roll from the OC to San Diego on a Saturday but no big deal. I enjoyed the drive listening to C & W radio. We got there early and had dinner at the somewhat new Royal Rooster. The food was very good. I brought an 8’ Waxwing rod with a 300 EJ, a 9’ Teramar with a Tranx 500 and some bait setups. There was barracuda, an occasional YT and calico bass in the counts. A bit much on the gear side but why leave it in the garage? At 5:30 we jumped on the boat with 38 other anglers ( couples, father and sons ) with the typical locals running for the corners. It’s a big boat and I came to throw some jigs. We cruised to the first couple spots where the barracuda bite had been in the previous days counts for nada. I threw wax wings which I consider big medicine for barracuda but no luck. After two stops the skipper said the fish were not cooperating so he pointed the boat towards the kelp just off the beach. I switched to the Teramar and started tossing jigs with a few others, the bait was anchovies and sardines. I brought whole squid and setup a dropper loop setup for my gal with a 6/0 Aki twist going with the big fish big bait theory. I was thinking maybe YT or WSB. I was surprised as slow as the evening started the calicoes were wide open. I caught quite a few of the larger models on the Tady 45 and the whole squid attracted the larger fish as well. I threw jigs until dark, switched to flat falls and then bait until we pulled anchor and headed for the dock at 10 pm. We kept a few bass for Sunday dinner and headed home. The drive time was about the same as the fishing time but well worth it. It was a fine summer evening of fishing calico bass.
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  • Jul 28, 2012
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    Summer Nights...

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