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  • Jun 25, 2015
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    A couple friends and I scheduled a few trips on the Bight Sportfishing boats. We didn’t have any luck on the first outing on a slow day. Disappointing but that’s fishing. For this trip we got Wes and met him in Long Beach about 10 am. My buddies had brought some tackle with them but Wes said we could bring a rod with #130 lb spectra or a jig stick with 50lb. We would not be fishing live bait. Brandon had some business in town so we chatted a bit about the bite ( it looked good ), jumped on the boat and headed out.
    It wasn’t long before we saw the BFT schooled up and boiling. We threw some jigs and one was hooked on a Sniper. It was about 60lbs. The school sunk, Wes got busy with the kite and flyer. We motored around looking for boils and metering. They would boil, sink out and reappear. We finally got one to bite and the second man up got a 60 lber too. I was up as we rolled around looking and came on a spot of a bigger grade. Wes eased a flyer through the middle of the frothing waters and I was on. It took line well and we knew it was a better grade. After some back and forth and a couple of good runs it came to gaff. It was a 130 ish maybe 140 at the outside. High fives and we rolled around as the day grew short. Wes found a school and we agreed this would be the last bait, I had to be up at 4:10am for work the next day. It wasn't too long before we found another school of biters boiled up and Wes slid a bait over them. You’re on wind, wind wind! The fish took of line coming off at a really fast pace we were excited another good sized fish! And then the line went slack. Long faces. Wes gave a forensic on why my buddy let it off :-) Though we all had a fish at that moment my buddy was saying come on one more try. I was like “ whatever let’s do it. Wes grabs another bait and starts rigging it up to the kite. Half way through a boil starts in front of us , beside us, then all around us. Wes gets the bait hooked up and Wes yells “let it out” without the strike indicator. No worries, instant hook up. My buddy worked the fish then the fish worked my buddy. We got it to gaff and it came aboard, above 160. Bled it gilled and gutted and headed home. A great day on the water.





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  • May 27, 2015
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    Epic very special day worth being missing some sleep on !
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