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Aug 1, 2015
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David Piazza
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Saw the bluefin going off the last few weeks and was trying to make up for slow 3 day trip at the end of August that was caused by weather so I decided to jump on the Pacific Islander 2.5 day trip. Never fished the Pacific Islander but it was the only multi day trip available over a weekend. As the the departure day got closer the weather was looking bad but I had already paid and canceling was not an option. Showed up Thursday around 4:30 and plenty parking was available in the main lot. Had tacos at Mitchs and then got in line to board with a diverse group of 20 anglers. My impression of the Pacific Islander was it looked narrow but having fished in the San Diego fight for over 30 years on many different boats it looked fishable. The tackle storage was a little tight but I was up front and got a top shelve spot. Rod storage wasn’t huge but there was enough for everyone. Rick, red beard, gave the plan before leaving and basically said the conditions after Friday didn’t look good at the Cortez bank were we would be fishing but we would make the trip and if the weather came in as planned we would cut the trip short. The plan was to fish yellowtail on the bank in the morning and then go looking for the bluefin in the afternoon. Ran out all night and got to the bank at 7:30 set anchor and set up to fish the yellowtail. Within the hour we started to catch the nice 15-25lb yellowtail mostly on fly line but then a few on dropper loop and two on dropping a green colt sniper. The bite would be a few hookups and then quite then a few more hookups. we end up sitting all day and was told one boat was looking for bluefin in our area but ran across one small spot and they wouldn’t play. Though out the day the wind got stronger and the swell bigger to the point at about 6:30 it was getting hard to stand at the rail and the anchor was dragging. The captain came on and said the weather was coming in overnight and it would not be safe or fishable on Saturday and the weather would hit down the beach and the the boats down south were having trouble finding fish so he was cutting the trip. We were told we would be given vouchers for half our trip. I was a little upset because traveling from Phoenix and with work it is not easy to get over for a 1 1/2 day trip, but in retrospect it was really a move that showed the captain has a lot of integrity. He could have pulled Mexican permits before we left and if Cortez didn’t work out to take a boat ride on Saturday “looking” for fish to fill out the paid trip, instead he gave us a opportunity to fish another 1 1/2 day through next year. Captain put us on a nice grade of yellowtail, we caught 46 yellowtail 15-25lb, crew was attentive and was up there with the better crews I have seen for service, and food was average. Boat was clean and well taken care of with a decent bunks for a narrow boat. I didn't do my part I only caught one of the bigger fish but lost three fish, one to a pulled hook (going small #1 for more hookups) and two losses to three turn surgeons knot breaks in 30lb line. With the water the way it was I really didn’t need fluorocarbon and I am not sure about the knots breaking never had this happen, something I will have figure out in the off season. Good solid captain, crew and boat I would fish again.

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Jan 2, 2005
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Reminds me of a trip I took years ago, can’t say if it was
overnight or all day 6-6.

We were headed to the Coronados to fish Yellowtail. Captain said we’re gonna give it a try, drop when I say drop, and don’t quit until I quit. Got kinda crummy and he got on the P.A. again and said: “Guys, I quit! We’re going home, reride coupons will be handed to all of you. Let’s go do this again on a nicer day.”
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