A day of firsts...1/17/14

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    So on Friday 1/17 I had a funeral to attend at 10:00AM so I hit El Porto beach right before sunrise and fished for just over an hour. I was determined to catch my first perch on a "mini hammer" and that I did. I found a nice 10" perch that wanted to play. I took a picture and back into the water he went. I through out the same plastic and on the very next cast a fish bit off the tail of the "mini hamer" I was bummed as I did not have any more of that color in my backpack. I tried a different color with no hits. I then switched to the hammer hooked MORF grub and caught my first jack smelt, which has some nice colors to it. I wanted to stay longer but had to take my little man to pre-school before I went to the funeral

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