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  • Feb 23, 2010
    Norcal's Brentwood
    24' Skipjack w/Pilothouse, 21' Marada, 15' Boston Whaler
    Hey Slayers, long time since I've been here, I have been fishing the hell out of the Skippy, some of you may remember the build thread I had going on it. Here's a repost I made on my club forum. Just my wife and I fishing on the skippy that day out of Monterey. As you can see, we Northern Cali boys are getting some decent fish now. Hoping this is a expanding fishery, amazing to get a local BF up here,,,gregg

    After last weekends ass kicking Lisa and I got with the 10' swells up in Albion and having to eat some of our Squid we brought for bait because of the wind on day one . We did sneak out front on day two to get just enough for a fish dinner though. Lisa did get sea sick. so with that fresh in her mind I was suprised that she agreed to run to Monterey this weekend for BF. We Sleep in the boat ramp parking lot Friday night, got up early because I thought the fleet would show up and be a line. Not many there in the am, cool! We went straight out of the jaws and floated around trying to make some bait, they didn't come up until daylight. Maybe a dozen boats all looking, you can their lights on the water, just slowly head that way metering. We caught some really nice Mack's, green and brown, sabiki and squid., but this took way longer then I wanted because we were heading 30/40 miles south to fish. We got down to the zone, looked like a blue desert, very little life, water was 59, more green then blue. **** it, time to fish and see whats in the neighborhood. I only had one line in with a DR ( 100' otw, 350' back, w/green mack) until Lisa got familiar controling the boat with the wireless remote for the kicker, ya, ya I know a AP would be nice. Dropped the second DR with a brown mack, 350' set back at around 35' otw. Maybe 10 mins the second rod comes off the release clip, no other indication other then its off the clip. I start to reel in slow and feel some restance, let it eat gregg, a good 10 count I take up some line and we are on! I have Lisa crank as I clear the DRs ,, I thought I did. Lisa istring her best to control the fish, wind is coming up rocking the boat. 25 minutes later its at deep color, the fish runs to the stern, Lisa falls to her butt on the engine cover, WTF, I didn't finish bring that side DR all the way clear of the water. Line wraps the DR ball, I got very lucky and got it free with the 80lb mono leaving a nice line burn on the back of my hand. Handing off back and forth, the 30w Internation in low gear we get the fish to the boat, sink two gaffs and with all the adrenaline pumping I think i could of lifted twice the weight. My wife is so awesome, she has pulled on 64" Roosterfish down in Mexico, but this was more then she expected. We call it a day with the wind expected to kick up and it did. A very slow boat ride home into it all the way back, it really stacked up on us. All the details are there for those that are haven't tried yet. I brought three set ups, roller rod with a 30w International, 60/100 rating,Fathom 40ld 2 speed on a60/100 rod and a back up Penn 60 fathom on a 60/100 rod. All spooled with 80lb braid backing, 150 yrds 50lb mono topshot, 60lb floro because thats what I had, other wise it would be 50lb too. No fish cleaning staition or boat wash at Monterey, so just came home. God luck guys, it s a great feeling to boat these fish on your own sled,,,gregg

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