Offshore A couple days of fun offshore/islands


Jun 8, 2014
My buddy came down from Montana to spend a couple days fishing and he timed it right because we had a blast. First day on Thursday 7/15 was spent out west near the 182 playing wack a mole with breezers and foamers.

These fish were spooky but we were able to connect on the stickbait but we definitely had to work for them. We probably made 100 cast to get the few bites we did but my buddy had a blast reeling in these fish. The amount of fish we stopped on was unreal.View attachment 1299996View attachment 1299997View attachment 1299998View attachment 1299999View attachment 1300015

Yesterday 7/17 we decided to switch it up to avoid the masses and headed to the islands with a great scoop of bait. It was easy fishing for yellows north of the pens on the Lee side of South. The size definitely bumped up a notch from last week and we were able to put 10 decent yellows in the boat in about an hour on the slow troll and the iron.

One thing I've never seen were 5 giant black sea bass that were destroying our calico at the boat and chasing down our yellows. These things were huge and inhaled a 2 pound calico like a sardine. It was crazy to see.View attachment 1300016View attachment 1300017

Once we had our fill we headed to the canyon to see what we could find. Right at slack tide we saw a football field size foamer destroying a school of anchovy. It was going so much I couldn't judge the size of the fish but knew they were bigger grade. I casted a stick bait and was bit instantly and handed it off and then threw a sniper out and we had 2 going. I soon realized these were jumbos and got spooled on the one but my buddies stayed pinned.

We then fought this fish for 6 hours before the hook finally pulled. We had the fish up multiple times but it never layed on its side and stayed upright the whole time. It was a solid 200lb fish and we were severely under gunned with the reaper and 40lb string. View attachment 1300018View attachment 1300019

View attachment 1300020

The ocean is alive like I've never seen it and we are living in the good Ole days right now. It was a couple fun days my buddy and I will never forget. Have fun and stay safe!
Still Kicking Ass ! Very nice Cody
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