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Jan 2, 2005
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18' Bayrunner, but I like the American Angler and the Red Rooster III
It’s gonna be

Rams 24
Bengals 13

Oops, edited Saturday morning. Good luck, Go Rams!
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Mar 17, 2007
Redlands, CA
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water wings
Thanks for making time in your busy schedule to do this again Jerry!! It certainly makes the Super bowl more fun to watch for this fisherman!!
My pick is:
LA Rams - 31
Cincinnati Bengals - 27.

Support JRI Jigs/Products BD!!!(not affiliated, but appreciative). Doug.
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If 1st you dont succeed, failure may be your style
Mar 26, 2003
Lake Forest
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It's that time again ladies and gents. The 9th annual JRI Custom Lures Superbowl Grid iron match!!!. We had so much fun the last 8 years, I'm hoping to continue the game each year.

It's the same "squares" game like the office pools or at Super Bowl parties. I will randomly put your name on a square and pull numbers. I will post a pic of the squares before and after I draw the numbers. The contest will be for the 1st 100 people to reply to this thread and fill up the 100 squares. Just post that you're interested in playing and I will put you down. Only 1 entry per BD'er. I’m only doing 1 board this year because it got too busy for me in previous years. I'm putting this up one day ahead, so post if you are interested. I will stop adding members to the squares 1 hour prior to kick off or until the board is filled up.

This year, like last year I will add a grand prize. When you post that you're interested, also post what you think the score of the game will be IE: LA Rams 21, Bengals 28.

The winner of each quarter will get a swag pack from JRI. Which includes a JRI shirt, JRI jig, stickers and VMC live bait hooks. The winner of the 4th quarter will get a swag pack with 5 JRI jigs.
The wonderful folks at VMC kicked down packs of black nickel live bait hooks!!

Don't forget to put in the score and which team will win in your post for the grand prize. If the score is not put in your post, you are not eligible for the Grand Prize.

Some may ask what the grand prize is? While I was cleaning out the shop, I found a small box of OG Hooker Intruders. Most of them were the XL Intruders. So this year, an OG Intruder. I’ve seen these go on ebay for $300

As for the rules, it's simple. The grand prize will be awarded to the 1st person who guesses the final score of the Super Bowl. So it pays to get on the thread first as I will go down the list in cronological order. I know you can edit the post, so I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY EDITED POSTS AFTER YOU SUBMIT YOUR INTEREST IN THE GAME WITH YOUR SCORE. This is to keep it fair for everyone.

I hate making these silly rules, but I want to make it as fair as possible. It's straight forward so please, "No Technicality" "Deflate Gate" “Ukrainian Collusion” “Voter Fraud”drama. If it goes to that, I will just null the grand prize. This is BD, I've been around the block once or twice, hell, 10 times over without a reach around.

Last year was a blast and this year, I wanted to add to that. And please don't forget to clearly add your team score.

Best of luck to all!!

Let's keep it clean and no low blows!!
Rams 31 Bengals24
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