9 mile- 302 on a snotty day


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Jul 24, 2017
San Diego, Calif
Joseph Gratteau
Valco Westcoaster
Bad south wind, out of Pt.Loma, went into the $hit south, took a pounding. Got to the lower 9, found a huge school of porps, tail slapping, working SE. Big whales jumping completely out of the water friggen nuts! Got 1 nice YFT (20#+) on 20# # 2 on birds going off. Had 2 other pickups, for nada. We also had a diver jump about 8-10 patties, with no fish sighted. Birds working was helpful. Bad weather!! Good luck, do not give up! Today was a day of not giving up. No one else out there....(except some idiot in a sailboat)