9-30/10-2 El Capitan YFT


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May 13, 2005
San Diego
Got back last night on the El Capitan out of Pointloma Sportfishing.

Great boat and the skipper Alan found the school on Saturday 10/1.
We were in clean blue water between the worm and the Cortez bank.
100+ miles out.
Lot's of skippys on the troll.

Finally around 1 PM we got a double jigstrike of YFT's.
We had the school around for about 2.5 hour or so.
I farmed 2 and kept 2 YFT's.

I had my 8 year old son, he farmed 2 YFT's and kept
3 skippys.

Caught dozens of squid Sat. night. My son liked that better
than the YFT's.

Biggest YFT 38lbs, and most were at least 30 something.

Great crew, but they take fishing REAL serious.

They gaffed a mako Sat.

57 YFT's!


Kammel Driver

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Jul 12, 2003
santa ana, calif
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Gerry Kammel
proline241 w/a

We used to fish the Pronto every year until work got so hectic we can't really go as a team from work any more. Allan is the toughest skipper to fish with if you just want to stand around and watch. If you want to catch and putem in the boat there is no better. He really wants fish on the boat. I got bit on the troll about 3-4 yrs back by a pinochio, he ran that bad boy down and his guys put it in the boat as green as they get (20mins), I wanted to release but the deckies and Allan wanted it so they got it. They paid the price for putting a green 275+ stripper in the boat, poked holes in the 172qt coolers and thrased all of the gunny sacks to screads. If I had to pick one skipper to fish a tourney it would be Allan. Thanks for the report and good fishing.

Gerry on the Kammel Driver