9/21/19 Limits of YFT for 2


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Nov 18, 2016
San Diego
FWIW and I hope it’s not to late for anyone going out 9/22/19 as it’s 3:30am............I added to my report:

#2 Owner Mutu Circle Hooks
All bait rods had either #15 or #20 Seaguar Fluoro leaders
All bait were nose-hooked

Addendum and back story of Fluoro:

I must also add that the Skipper chose and pre-tied all the set-ups the night before. This has historically been my job. However, I must say the past two months I have never questioned or worried about the knots.....And I have never trusted anyone’s knots before.....

And as he’s tying he declares, “I’m a believer in Fluoro.” As he ties on leaders on all the bait rods, that already have Izor XXX Co-Polymer top-shots on top of 60# Daiwa chartreuse colored J-Braid.

I’m historically into as little connections as possible (the more knots, the more chance of a break).....So it’s, interesting to see my checkpoints of my fights......J-Braid........There’s the Top-Shot....cool the RP Knot held........I see color, what’s that another knot.....knot two through the guides....cool the Surgeons Knot held......gaff.....fish in boat.....alright the Palomar Knot held...... and my son tied on all of the knots....... Did I ever say I’M PROUD OF MY SON?........
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Socal Ramon

Aug 15, 2018
Ramon Paez Jr
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Good job nothing better than fishing with our sons it's nice to see they learn what we teach them so congratulations to you and your son very good report
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Steve Snow Killer

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Jan 18, 2018
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I never use to cry when I was a kid but the older I get, well I guess I’m getting soft. Congrats.... Cell phones and video games are corrupting my youth, not to mention the adults in my family, and it it’s nice to see the real deal.:720icon: . My son and I hit a rough patch. We were hunting the Jr hunt at San jacinto and he was too excited and couldn’t sleep at all the night before. Right at hunting time he crashed (stayed up all night playing call of duty the night before and the night before that...home schooled..ha), carrying decoys, his lab “Mag”ie was too cold and he wasn’t into it :cussing:. And he didn’t want to take a shot and ducks were flying all over the place and landing in our decoys. Dam...I was pissed... and I got in his face saying you have to shoot... I guess that didn’t help things.... At least we have fishing and we usually hit yellows, timed on 1/2 day seaforth trips at the point but they didn’t come in 1 per rod this year yet. Still working on my 22’ Grady white and hope to get her seaworthy soon so both of us can straight out a few issues. Good job to you both and having a supportive wife...if anyone knows what I mean...
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Oct 2, 2015
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I grew up fishing offshore with my dad alot but I didn't really appreciate it for years because it took forever, could be boring and I didnt really know what was going on. He never really explained much but he sure yelled at me alot. Knowing my grandpa that's how my dad was taught LOL.

Now I'm in my 30s and I take my dad out on my skiff when he comes to visit. I didn't learn much in the way of technique from him but I guess by taking me out all those times he planted the seed that turned me into the die-hard fisherman I am today.


Nov 20, 2008
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Yeah glad to see you got some this week. Thats a great story I'm really glad you got to get out there with your son. Life is about making memories, you only live it for a moment but you will remember it for a life time. I'm doing the same thing only it is with my grandson now, everyone i know that fishes went fishing with their dad growing up and everyone I know who doesn't never went fishing with their dad. Not everyone can be a good teacher, that goes for fishing and for life. Give your kids the most valuable thing you have, your time.
Way to go bud, I'm really happy for you. thanks for sharing