Offshore 9/18 Trip SI to N9-226-302-371-425-Upper Hidden


Capt Lou
  • Jul 19, 2014
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    '03 Parker 2520 Louie-Lui II
    Tunakillerjoe met us at SI and we launched at 0600 and got two scoops of great bait. Pointed toward the 226 into the mixed up sea, a far cry from last weeks glass. Found lots of bird activity around the 9 and it looked like the good kind of activity but turned out to be mammals.

    Trolled the mammals with a 160 sardine Madmac and a cedar plugth but no Yellowfin takers. Moved on where water temp was 68-69 most of the day. Got around the 226 and turned S toward the 302 and had a Marlin go after the cedar plug and give it a whack. Didn't stick and we kept pushing. Found a few kelps but none were holding. Not real good sized kelps but worth stopping on. 302 area was more of the same 68-69* water and empty kelps. Took turns with tunakillerjoe up top spotting.


    Not a lot of boats(private or sport) around. Turned toward the 425 and more of the same. I heard some activity down below the 101 and was heading that way when I heard a call on the VHF of a guy 10mi south of us on a paddy with Dorado on it but he was out of bait. The numbers were 5/15. The guy said lots of boats around but they don't see the paddy. I asked what my guys wanted to do since it was 2pm, we had the bait but it was a 10mi run. Desperate times call for desperate measure and we headed south at 20kts. I was second guessing myself following radio fish but when we got close the sportboat fleet was all there and on the move North. We were the only dummies heading south. Water was 70-71 in the area.

    Tunakillerjoe and my boat partner Frank long soaking.

    Found the kelp and so did the Pt Loma. Dorado were jumping well off the paddy and they parked right on it. We stayed outside as Dorado we're swimming around the boat and boiling on our chum. We put four Dorado in the boat. We both reset on the kelp and soon they headed home. We were all alone on the kelp but couldn't get anymore bites. Jumpers as usual on the other side of the paddy no matter what side we were on. Headed home in a NW swell 40 mi. Long day but worth it for the brief Dorado mayhem. Thanks for the call on the VHF.
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    Cool report and pics. Four dorado MoBetta than none anyday!!
    Way to cover some ocean and give it go. Next time!! GL
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