85 Grumman 14ft V-Hull

Aug 31, 2020
Thomas Bouldin
Boat Name
Bonafide SS127
Picked up a new to me 1985 Grumman 14 Fisherman deep in Simi Valley from a guy who was looking to trade for a dirt bike. Well, I loaded up my CRF450 and came home towing a boat. Picked up the boat May 15th,2021 and had a vision of what I wanted to do to the rig. It came on a decent trailer that tows extremely well and was powered by a 2014 Honda 20BF that I am very happy with. Being the little brother of Hbouldin1216; I had a great source of who to bounce ideas off of given that he built is Gregor from the ground up. Pairing that with research from the Tiny Boat Nation YouTube page, I knew I had a great template and that sky was the limit. The boat mods were construction with 1-1/2x1-1/2 aluminum angle and 1in aluminum tubing for vertical supports. 1/2“ & 3/4” plywood depending on where it is located and it is all covered by Seadek (both storm grey and snow camo).

It is hard to believe I picked this boat up 14 months ago and I can say that I am finally done with it; which I believe is the 3rd time I have said it this far LOL.

Pictures below show the progress of the build. Unfortunately I did have a lot of second thoughts on deck layout and such so thing’s were done twice. My goal was to make this one of the baddest 14 footers in SoCal and I am having an absolute blast every time I am out on it. I am always stopped at the ramp and asked questions about it - which i love because I have put iso many hours into the build. Below are some specs of what all is in the boat.

- over 500LF of aluminum angle & tubing.
- 4 sheets of seadek
- 4 sheets of plywood (counting transom rebuild)
- two group 31 interstate batteries ran in parallel
- Minn Kota Terrova w/ i-pilot
- Garmin UHD 93sv
- Lowrance Elite 7ti
- 17 gallon livewell with flow-rite system
- 1000g/hr bilge
- sound system



Originally I thought i was done here- man was I wrong. Both rear and front decks assembly began.


Front deck includes two 14 gallon Home Depot bins. Reinforced with more angle. These two bins together hold all of my tackle and more.


Decals that were 35 years old were a pain to get off but I knew I wanted to give it a fresh paint job to hide all the old wear and tear. The paint is Duralux Haze Grey.


Today, 7/5/22. Not pictured above is the addition of a 17 gallon live well in the rear bench seat. Fully rigged with a flow-rite system and keeps big bass alive extremely well.


This boat is extremely stable. Me and my roommate fish the Colorado river and both stand and fish (front and rear deck) and can take wakeboard wakes without needing to sit down. There is barely any drag in the water and even with me in it; hardly sits any lower than picture above. With me in it, it does 25mph. Two people, 18.

And it would be BD without a fish pic.. sorry they are the green kind.

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