800m vs ISWB946

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Oct 18, 2012
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Looking at one of these blanks to go with a Lexa 400. It will be used for 6oz iron at max most likely, but I would like to be able to throw the really light jigs well. I've fished the ISWB945 and love it, but when moving up a class, would the 800m serve me better?

Any better suggestions?

Just had my 90j/Saltist LD25 taken out of my hands by a hammerhead so I am looking to replace with something lighter/8' as I never really threw the heavies and rarely fish outside of private boats.

Reel will be 'spooled with 65lb braid to a 40lb fluorocarbon leader most likely.


EDIT: Also looking at the UC Monster or perhaps Tilefish
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Dec 24, 2006
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rick marin
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If you're looking for a all around 8foot rod, I suggest either the 800m or the tilefish 80. both those rods will handle private boat jig fishing and bait. Another important consideration it that their taper is faster than the ISW946. The 800m and Tilefish 80 shut down at a point where you can actually lift the fish when you need to, where in my experience the 946 is too parabolic under a load to do so.
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