Offshore 8/8/21 Fishing with the Flotilla, Foamers and Fun out of Oceanside


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  • Jun 25, 2015
    Party Boats and Skiff
    I went fishing with a few friends yesterday Sunday on the Bight charter 23' Parker out of Oceanside. I hadn't planned on Sunday but the boat I chartered for Saturday had an issue so I took Sunday when it was offered. I knew the area was the hot spot for BFT but could not really appreciate the reports until we got out there. I have never seen so may party boats, skiffs and luxury yachts in such a small area. It was amazing, Some of the private boaters were staking claim to their territory shouting expletives at anyone getting as close to them as they were to the party boat.
    We had left the harbor about 8:30, our skipper Wes knew the area and it was long before we came upon our first foamer. Wes eased in and we were throwing jigs when two more boats rushed the school we were casting into . We threw jigs for nada and moved on. We did this a couple times before the school(s) sank out. That would pretty much be the last one we saw for many hours. We just rolled around the hot zone trying to keep a good amount of water between us and the other boats out there. We would meter fish, throw bait and flyline baits but the fish were spooky. We kept moving until maybe five or six in the evening working our way back parallel to Oceanside. With only a little time left in the day we started seeing a good amount of foamers is our path of travel and no boats even remotely near us. We rolled on the first one we saw and finally got a biter and the school sunk out while my buddy fought and landed his fish. It wasn't me but I was glad my buddy got the skunk off the boat. We just sat in the area and waited for another school to pop up , and they did. Nothing lasts forever and pretty soon we could see boats charging towards us. Wes is a pro and knew to move on as 4 or 5 boats jumped in. Good news is we found more schools up the line and we got 2 more, one of them on a stick bait. By that time the sun was low on the horizon and we headed for the harbor leaving fish boiling in the area, finally. Not a stellar trip but I must say we really threw everything we had at them before the daylight disappeared and it was good enough.

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    Drew Stephens
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    Wes is awesome. We did a 2 day trip with him in July. First day boated 3 cows. Second day zero fish! Thats bluefin fishing. Great guy though, he kept us out super late fishing until we couldnt see no more also
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