Pocket Aces

Jul 13, 2020
Newport Beach
Triumph 215cc
Headed out of newport harbor to make macks at around 10 am, and for some reason we werent finding macks outside of the jetty, just smelt 🤦‍♂. Headed out to check out the 14 at around 11:00 and didnt see too many boats. No immediate action spotted on the surface so we headed out to the 277 were people had been getting all the bluefin for the past few days. As expected, it was a zoo at the 277 with everybody cussing each other out on the radio every few minutes over people fishing too close or running over trolling lines. Didnt hear too much on the radio in regards to fish being caught except for one guy out at the 499 that landed a couple triple digit fish. Saw a ridiculous amount of bluefin on sonar during the day as well as with my own eyes breezing on the surface, but didn’t see one foamer all day. For a solid 20 mins there was a big school of bluefin in the 50 lb range about 10 feet under the boat, but they didn’t want anything to do with 80g colt snipers, surface irons, and poppers. Headed back to harbor around 5:30 pm and stopped off at a few empty paddies on the way back. Finished the day empty handed. Bluefin are the most addicting but frustrating fish sometimes.



  • Mar 11, 2021
    Los Angeles, California
    Albert Huang
    1975 Hatteras 36C
    Good effort. Have to find them when they're hungry too I guess. Thanks for the report.
    Pocket Aces
    Pocket Aces
    So close to the boat at one point if I had a 10 ft gaff or brought my tuna speargun setup it would've been a different story.
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