8-3 report toward the corner


May 26, 2020
Huntington beach
Jason Drotter
Ranger Bahia

Fairly new to the site. Have been getting great reports from you guys for a few weeks and wanted to make sure to return the favor. My buddy and I went out yesterday from shelter. Launched at approx 5am. Grabbed some bait and headed toward the corner. Plan was to go straight out about 25-30 miles and then head south, west of the 226. Started seeing fish at 22 miles straight out right on the border. At 23 miles out found a nice sized paddy. Caught 2yt and lost one in the kelp. Given tuna would pop every now and again we stuck with the paddy for a couple of hours. Tuna were boiling on micro bait. Finally got a bf on a hot dine. After 45 min of no biters continued to head west. Stopped on several boiling spots of fish. Threw everything at them and got nothing. Eventually decided to find a good spot of fish and chum/chunk a bunch. Found a good area of fish at 25 miles out right on the border. Was able to get them to boil on our chum line and set up for a long plunker grind. Caught 2bf 2yf and 2yt on that stop over the course of 3 hours or so, Lost what felt like a tuna after a few minutes and fanned on one. Clearly some yt breezers out there.
Area was essentially straight North of 226 on the border. Lots of fish out there difficult to get to go, would suggest chum a bunch and set up for a long grind if you get a couple of boils. Had fish pop around the boat several times boiling on micro bait. Those wouldn't go. Only the fish that would boil on our chum we would have a shot at. Had to drop to 25lb and make sure to have a hot bait.
3bf 2yf 4yt
30lb top shot early then went to 25
1/0 cicrcle
bf 15-25lb yf 35lb yt 15lb


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Sep 7, 2017
Surf City Ca.
Huntington Hillbilly
Chaparral 224 Fisherman
Thanx for the the report n good job skipper, welcome to the the madness that is BD!