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Catalina-worthy Center Console Rentals
Sep 19, 2016
Riverside, CA
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Alum. Center Console Bajas
Well. It’s here. The moment all of us private boat owners, sportboat-goers, and “once-a-year-anglers” have been waiting for. Yes, the tune have BEEN here. Yes, skiffs have been hooking up for weeks/months now. Yes, you’re jealous…

BUT, it’s really important to note that they are closer than ever and will continue to crawl-up our bight, allowing unprecedented access to pelagics that we may not see again for decades. This report will cover SlayDay’s experiences on roughly 5-6 trips over the last week and will cover: Catalina Yellowtail, bonito, and bass, ad well as inshore LB/OC bassing. It will also provide you intel and reports from our Dana Point and south trips for TUNA!

Let’s start with Catalina. Yellowtail have really been a struggle lately, with our only bites/runs happening on the east end, right around Seal Rocks general area. We REALLY like to hunt-out good, clean, blue water with current running parallel/down the island. If you find your self in murky, green, brown water, move to cleanliness! We suggest everyone on deck has a live bait set-up (prepare for 4-6” sardines – we like size 2 circle RINGED hooks) with an 1/8 oz slider ahead of the hook. 25-30 lb flouro seems to be the best bet, and the bite has been on lighter line lately. We have stumbled across bonito consistently also. There are no spots to share, as we have seen them south of Avalon, mid front side, Stony Point, and around the back near east end. Just have something fun and shiny ready (we like bigger crocs, Micro sniper/megabass jigs) etc. Calico bass fishing is OUTSTANDING, with nearly every set of boilers and kelp line holding. We’ve had luck with 4-6” swimbaits with weedless heads and lighter HookUp/tube-style baits).

Inshore bass fishing has been quite fair the last week for our boats. STAY AWAY FROM HUNT> HARBOR area for the next 1-1.5 weeks, as they have a massive sewage spill in the last 24-hours and the water is absolutely disgusting. You may not see it visually but stay away. Don’t swim, handle fish, keep fish, etc. for a bit. Our boys have had the most luck fishing for bass on the typical Izors #s as well as the rock piles near the shallow wrecks between horseshoe and Fermin. Red has still been working well, as well as white/light plastics, tipped with squid. Sculpin has been fun, also, near the 150 on double dropper loops (with your lowest loop literally ON the bottom). We would also like to suggest structure fishing down between Salt Creek and San O kelp lines. Smaller baits and live bait has been doing well for our 2 different guest boats that anchored up perfectly on kelp lines, with current running down from them. There are also rumors of Sea Bass around (I’ll let you find them…)


If you’re launching out of Dana or OSide, point that bow towards the 209 and the 312 as we have had success out there. Stay away from the boat crowd and throttle and look for your own fish. Pay attention to dolphin and birds, as these smaller schoolie YFT like to run WITH, under, and just behind dolphin pods. Cut off the pods about 200-400 ft ahead and zig-zag troll those feathers and cedars. Once bit … chum!!!! You’ll want to throw small SMALL micro jigs with upgraded rings and hooks, as the trebles that come on MOST jigs suck. We have personally had 3-4 bend and break on the football sized YFT over the last 3-5 days. Don’t be lazy. A good set of split ring pliers, small box of rings, and some new hooks will save your butt. Don’t know how to remove and tie on new rings and hooks? Try:
On 2 different days in the last week, some of our boats have come across floating kelp hotels within 4-6 miles of the south OC coast, clearly holding yellowtail. We can assume there are dorado doing the same, and if you’re out of SD, you could make a day out of hotel hopping. Have that live bait set-up and yoyos ready!

Further down south, SlayDay boats have hooked over 20 yellowfin and blue fin VERY recently. There is going to be a crapload of sportboats and private rigs out there, but you can do it! We suggest 7-18 miles out from Loma and have 32 40 000 x x117 30 000 as a good “search point.” The tuna that we’ve hooked have bit the Colt Snipers and small surface irons like CRAZY and we’ve had several triple and quadruple hook-ups throwing these small iron-like baits into boilers and puddlers. Again, head-out … move AWAY from the asspack of boaters that are all following each other and look for your own schools. Just have your jigs and bait ready to throw at a moment’s notice, like, everyone waiting rail-side with their rods ready to cast as the driver slows the boat down near the boils. You have a really REALLY good chance to limit out these next 2-5 days on yellowfin. Have fun!

If you're interested in taking out your OWN island-worthy center console for a 3/4 or full day, give our fleet a try at www.slaydaysocal.com or call/text 714.914.4979 and enjoy our new touchscreen Garmin ECHOPlus Navionics units with over 300 pre-loaded fishing spots. Are you a veteran or first responder? We offer FAT discounts ALL year!

Also – we are starting to book LA/Long Beach Harbor lobster hooping rentals now also! These have been a HIT he last 2 years … you show-up with a lobster card and some bros, and walk on to a FULLY stocked rig for hooping! Bait and fuel included! Thank you to LP Fishing Supply, Bite On attractant, and Promar for the gear!

Slay on!


-SlayDay SoCal, LLC

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