Offshore 8-22 Avalon Bank - Slide - 152 - 277 - 289 - SCI - Mackerel Bank


  • Mar 11, 2021
    Los Angeles, California
    Albert Huang
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    1975 Hatteras 36C
    Made bait Saturday night at our slip. Plenty of macks around until a school of undersized wsb starts patrolling around our slip and we could not make any more macks. So we decided to have some fun. One hit a red sabiki tipped with squid. Landed one about 14" on a 1.5 oz red 5" Kman swimbait.

    Headed out around 5am since we were preparing for a long run to look for kelp paddies and surfacing fish. Overcast most of the day. Conditions were reasonably mild the whole day.

    Avalon Bank - water temp under 72 and visibility wasn't great. Did not see bait balls. The layer of small marks @ 50-100ft we saw in weeks past was not as dense. No surface action. Saw 4-5 small paddies. Did not find any fish on them.

    Slide - Checked along the ridge on the western side. Similar conditions as Avalon Bank. No surface action. Did see a huge group of dolphins in the evening on our way back heading SW.

    152 - Checked on the western side. No surface action. No bait balls. Did not see paddies in this area. Water temp around 72.

    277 - Checked along the western side. No surface action. No bait balls. No paddies. Did see some dolphins heading NW. Water temp above 72.

    289 - No surface action. Found a several small/medium paddies in this area. There were small marks around the kelp paddies but nothing close enough to the surface to see with overcast skies. Water temp above 72.

    SCI - Found a few small and medium paddies on that way here from 289. Did not find any holding fish. Water Temps dropped as we got closer to the island. On the eastern ridge of SC canyon we saw deeper marks 100ft-300ft. Several bait balls. Water temp was 70-71. No surfacing fish. Good amount of fishing holding near structure we passed around 300ft.

    Mackerel Bank - No surfacing fish. Did not find any paddies. Water temp around 72. Trolled a cedar plug from SCI through this area and back through the Slide. No luck.

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  • Aug 14, 2012
    San Fransisco,CA USA
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    Sometimes Brother.....its like your driving around the "Big Blue Desert". Thanks for your efforts to provide timely info for you fellow BDers. Its a "selfless" act.... I appreciate your time.... and moneys spent. Karma is a strong force.... may yours provide an "epic" bite next time out. Your due for sure. Be safe out there.
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