Offshore 8-16-22 Mac bank


Aug 17, 2006
North County
Boat Name
21 Bayliner Trophy (Cheap-BassTurd)
Took my son to pull on the bluefin. The plan was to make macs on Monday cruise over to Catalina chill and Tues put the wood to some tuna…hopefully!
Was at the mouth of Newport harbor making a few macs for bait and I see this center console coming at me, the guy slows down and asks hey you want some macs ? And it’s Jimmy Decker ! I say hey Decker sure I’ll take them, he loaded us up and we were gone!! Thanks Jimmy!!
Next day we headed over to an area my buddy Tim picked up some big boys one over 200lb and started there. Within about 2 miles of the area we start seeing foamers! We end up in and around the the Mackerel Bank more so on the west side of it watching foamers off and on all day!
Son hooks up on a popper and 45 mins later popper pulls free he says I think I foul hooked it. We end up getting a few chances but hooks pulled on a live mac, and troll Madmac. Heading home I’m trolling and another foamer pops up and my son is sleeping, so I throw the popper and zzzz I’m on !! I wake up my boy and hand him the rod. He does a great job and I gaff it in about 30 mins and the dang thing is foul hooked too! We laugh and say we’ll take it !! Fun trip regardless and tons of BF out there go gettem!!




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