Offshore 8/16- 209,181,289

Miss Marie

May 13, 2019
Oceanside CA
Miss Marie
This is my first report so here goes. Left Oceanside at 5 headed straight to the 209. Saw a few boats a couple empty paddies. Seemed pretty dead not even any birds. Ran south to the 181. Found some porpoise schools and trolled threw them for nothing. found some paddies on the 181 all empty. Really no life around to speak of. Headed west to the 289. started finding paddies right off the 181. Finally hit one holding yellowtail but hard to make them bite. Got bit on a small mack with 20 lbs and a 1/0 hook. Lost him! Are only fish of the day! Kept going to the 289 and saw nothing. Headed back for Oceanside over the 209 again. Drove hours and didn't see a single sign of life. Should've gone farther south I guess
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